Indians should learn to set their priorities; Nepal earthquake was not as viral as #Lalitgate

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The same old brag on how Lalit Modi, Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje were responsible for corruption in IPL and why Lalit Modi was allowed a visa by Sushma Swaraj even when the IPL biggie has been charged with financial impropriety by the Enforcement Directorate.

Now, this has been on air for 6 days, 24X7, making people realise that for Indians there is nothing more than an IPL, a few corrupt big shots and how the country is being defiled.

Lalit Modi

Come on! when else can we grow out of this? There is the Charleston shooting, the Nepal earthquake and its repurcussions, climate change, poverty, hunger and many other topics if we try to explore some more. We understand that the above-mentioned topic is debatable, but for six days continuous? Even the Uttarakhand floods and the Nepal earthquakes were not covered this much.

Dear broadcasters, here's a list of stories that you could do, apart from the Lalit Gate:

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1. Rains in Mumbai, the city's sewerage condition and the plight of the people
2.The earthquake victims coping with their loss
3. The smuggling racket in Andhra Pradesh
4. NASA's scientific missions and those in India
5. What the government is doing for 'Make in India' camopaign
6. The status of education in India
7. What have schools done for child safety in schools in India

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So, please stop bothering us with any more Lalit Modi controversies and spare us the time to think about something else too. India has better things to worry itself about.

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