Pakistan gets Narendra Modi's first stern warning

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Gone are the days when India's repeated warnings were used to be ignored. But that will be a matter of past now as Modi Government is at the helm of affair who believes in theory that one must assert for their own right.

It has been proven fact now that Prime Minister Narendra Modi always keeps country's interest above all and recent examples are big proof of that.

The new dispensation rejected WTO's Trade facilitation agreement, keeping in mind the larger interest of poor of the country. [Read: Why Narendra Modi govt cancelled diplomatic talks with Pakistan: Explained]

Then assertion with some degree of aggression also came to the fore on the matter of BRICS bank establishment and bringing back nurses from strife torn Iraq.

Modi's stern message to Pakistan

Modi Government's simple message to neighboring countries is that we believe in maintaining cordial relation but that is not owed to any type of weakness.

It's our magnanimous gesture but don't try to challenge our patience level again and again. And Pakistan has done that only.

India had warned Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit not to hobnob with separatist leaders ahead of Indo- Pakistan Foreign Secretaries talk, scheduled for August 25.

But Basit defy this advice of Indian counterpart and met with separatist leaders Shabir Shah in New Delhi on Monday.

Shariff and modi
Already angered and aggrieved by repeated ceasefire violations at border, India took this bonhomie as interference in internal matter and cancelled the upcoming talk.

Around 50 border violation has been done by Pakistani troops in this year and that has been increased since new Government took the power.

Justifying the Indian stand, MEA official Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said, "It was underlined that the Pakistani High Commissioner's meetings with these so-called leaders of the Hurriyat undermine the constructive diplomatic engagement initiated by Prime Minister Modi in May on his very first day in office".

What will be implications in Pakistan?

Narendra Modi had invited all SAARC nations including Pakistan in his swearing-in ceremony with the hope that relation between both countries will get a boost.

But much water has flown since then. The ceasefire violation at LoC has increased in astonishing manner.

Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif had not met any of the separatist leaders during his India visit, perhaps hoping that it won't augur well with India. But then why Pakistani High Commissioner went ahead with this unholy bonhomie?

It's fact that there is tussle going on between civilian and military set up in Pakistani Government. Some people in the Government don't want that Pakistan Government should continue talk with India and keep on trying to curtail the talk.

This is a big boost to them. Nawaz Sharif is already pushed to margin by Opposition leader Imran Khan and cleric Tahir-ul Qadri. Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Qadri's Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) is adamant for Sharif's ouster.

After the cancellation of talk those section of people who are against the thaw in relation between both countries will be further encouraged.

Is this domestic compulsion?

BJP led Government had charged erstwhile Government UPA for its lackadaisical approach on the matter in past. Modi during his election campaigning repeatedly lashed out at UPA for not taking required step and acted as mute spectator while Pakistan cuts off soldier's heads in audacious manner.

Recently only during Ladakh visit, Prime Minister attacked Pakistan for waging proxy war on India.

Modi said, "The neighbouring country has lost strength to fight a conventional war but continues to engage in the proxy war of terrorism".

This recent decision might be calibrated as domestic compulsion as election is due in j & K, but that is well required as Pakistan was repeatedly challenging India's patience level.

Congress criticism has no base at all

The Congress has termed this assertion as opaque and incoherent foreign policy of Modi government.

Party spokesperson Anand Sharma said, "The question is not about calling off the talks. The question to be asked is why the talks were agreed to in the first place.

"What prompted the Narendra Modi government to decide to hold the Foreign Secretary-level talks with Pakistan when there was constant provocation from that side through constant ceasefire violations, giving clean chit to Hafiz Saeed, key accused in Mumbai terror strikes and so on?".

As Modi is enjoying the limelight by displaying his diplomatic knack, the insecure Congress believes in criticizing every move of new Government.

Recently only, the Congress leaders lashed out at Modi Government for not taking action for repeated ceasefire violations. And now after this move, again taking on the Government. This proves that beleaguered Congress has no issue left.

Why this assertion?

Through the move the new dispensation wants to give loud message to all its neighboring countries that we will not tolerate any interference in our internal matter.

India is well equipped to protect any attack on its sovereignty.

Though some experts are criticizing this Indian move, citing the reason that Pakistani authorities had met separatist so many times in past.

But this is new beginning by Modi government who believes that some amount of aggression must require in sustaining diplomatic relations.

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