Pics: Unknown & interesting facts about inter-caste marriages in India

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In India, the concept of "inter-caste marriages" is still considered as a taboo, not only in rural parts but even in urban societies.

In times when youngsters go to colleges and make friends with the people of different communities, and with the passage of time, if they get along well with each other, then chances of their falling in love also gets higher.

At that time, the love-struck couples do not give much importance to the fact that they belong to different castes. But, as time comes closer for their marriages, they become more serious about the prospects of their long-love converting into marital bliss.

In our country, we may claim to be modern, but somewhere in the back of our minds and in the bottom of our hearts, we know that the conservative values of our parents or grand-parents may not allow us to give permission to get married in an another caste.

The US-based Princeton University conducted a research on 43, 201 married Indian couples from all strata of societies.

Here are some unknown and interesting facts about inter-caste marriages in India, that were revealed during the research:

Only 11% inter caste marriages:

According to a research conducted by the US-based Princeton University on Indian couples, in was revealed that only 11% of marriages are inter-caste while 2.1% are inter-religion marriages.

Inter-caste marriages mostly happen in urban cities

The research revealed that most number of inter-caste marriages take place in metropolitan cities. Then comes the three-tier cities and villages and small towns comes at third number.

Trend started from Mumbai?

Research said that in 1963, 149 inter-caste marriages took place in Bombay. The fact that the Indian film industry- Bollywood is located in Mumbai, may be one of the reason behind it.

Conservative values, not really!

According to a survey conducted by Dr Kapadia in 1958, 51% parents wanted their children to get married with the persons from different castes! It is a surprising fact that breaks the myth that in earlier days, people were more conservative.

Love= Inter caste marriage?

According to the statistical figures, 96.5% inter-caste marriages take place due to love affair between couples. So, it can be said that its very rare to see couples getting married in an another caste in case of an arranged marriage.

Honour killings

In North-Indian states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Chhattisgarh- there have been numerous cases of "honour killings" because of inter-caste marriages.

5.58 % women get married in lower castes

Out of the total number of inter-caste marriages in India, 5.58% of women get married with the men belonging to lower castes.

5.38% men get married in lower castes

Out of the total number of inter-caste marriages in India, 5.38% of men get married with the women belonging to lower castes.

In South India

In southern states, only 9.71% marriages are inter-caste. It is surprising to know that South India, which is considered as highly- educated and socially advanced, do not prefer inter-caste

Most inter-caste marriages happen in Goa

In Goa, 20.69% weddings are inter-caste based. The number is high as compared to other states.

Sikkim second, Punjab third

According to numbers, Sikkim stands at second number with 20% inter-caste marriages, Punjab is at third number with 19.90% inter-caste marriages and Kerala comes at fourth number with 19.65% inter-caste marriages.

Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya at bottom low

Meghalaya is the state where least number of inter-caste marriages have been recorded just 2.04%. Then second lowest is Tamil Nadu where the figures are 2.96%, in Rajasthan (3.03%), Chhattisgarh (3.04%), Jammu & Kashmir (4.2%) and Madhya Pradesh (4.39%).

Bihar, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra

In Haryana (18.50%), Maharashtra (17%), Karnataka (16.41%), Agartala(16%), Gujarat(15.49%), Nagaland (6.67%) and Bihar(6.14%) inter-caste marriages take place.

Muslim women ahead of Hindu women!

Research showed that when it comes to getting married in another caste, then Muslim women are ahead of Hindu women. Out of 14% Muslim women, 7.83% women get married with men from below their castes while 6.23% of them get married with men from upper castes.

Punjab: Marriage at the age of 15-19 years

In Punjab, 35% marriages took place in the age group of 15-19 years in which 26% girls got married with boys from lower castes.

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