In Pics: From ISIS to Taliban, know how much these notorious terrorist groups earn

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New Delhi, Dec 3: Terrorist organizations are known for their barbaric, notorious acts. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which has been unleashing terror in Iraq, Syria has bolstered other similar organizations to wage war against established state machinery. One can easily find how ISIS beheads innocents people in full public view.

Question is how these organizations thrive. What is their source of income?

Decoded: How much terrorist groups earn

One might be baffled after knowing the fact that ISIS is one of the richest terrorist organization in the world. It is followed by Afganishtan Taliban and Irish Republican Army.

These terror groups earns huge sum of money through illegal acts including human trafficking , drug smuggling, kidnapping and arms deals.

Here is a look how much these groups earn

Terror organisation

Terror organisation

The group was formed in early nineties under the under the leadership of Mohammad Omar.

The organisation came into prominence in 1994 after it captured Kandahar city of Afghanistan. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates tacitly support this group.

Taliban earns a lot through Opium which is grown on large scale in Afghanistan.

Opium is called cash crop of the Taliban and the scourge of Afghanistan.

Reportedly, Taliban earns 40 crore dollar annually which comes to around Rs 2400 crore.

Terror organisation

Terror organisation

The organization was formed in 1988-1989 by some leaders including Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and Osama Bin Laden.

Group gained prominence when it hatched 9/11 in America.

Presently Ayman al-Zawahiri looks after the group after Osama was killed in 2011 by the American security agency CIA.

Donations is main source of income for this terror organization.

Earlier CIA had said that Al -Qaeda earns 30 million dollar annually but latest report say that its earning increased to 100 million dollar

Terrorist organisation

Terrorist organisation

Reports say that this is one of the richest terror group in the world.

Oil smuggling, human trafficking, theft and extortion are some of its sources of its income.

Latest report say that one of the deadliest terror group earns 10-30 lakh dollar daily.

Terrorist organisation

Terrorist organisation

This is terror group of Nigeria who wants to establish a hardline Islamic state in the region.

Reportedly group gets fund and other logistic supports from Al -Qaeda.

As per the Guardian report this Islamic terrorist group killed more than 5000 innocent people during 2009-14

According to a website this group earned 70 million dollar during 2006-11.

Terrorist organisation

Terrorist organisation

This terror group is active in Somalia. It also earns through human trafficking, theft and and extortion.

Reportedly Al Shabaab which has around 4000-5000 fighters earns around Rs 600 crore annually.

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