In Pictures: 5 mistakes of Rahul Gandhi

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The countdown for the next prime minister of India has already begun, as the clock is moving fast towards May 16.

The sealed Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will on Friday decide the fate of the nation, who will form the next government at the Centre- the BJP-led NDA, as concluded by exit poll results or last moment figures will surprise all?

Only few hours are left and the mystery around all "ifs and buts" will be unravelled.

Although, the mood of the nation clearly indicates towards NDA's huge victory after ten years of Congress- led UPA government, but the much-awaited suspense will end tomorrow.

And the new beginning in the history of the Indian politics will bloom.

In the last six months, there was rigorous election campaigning by all the political leaders. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed various public meetings, agressively, but will they transform into votes or not is yet to be seen.

Rahul emerged as a youth leader, but his magic could not reap positive results for his party.

Here's a look at what were the 5 mistakes or failures of Rahul Gandhi:

“If India is a computer, then Congress is its default programme”

While addressing a party workshop on social media in August last year, Rahul said, "If India is a computer, then Congress is its default programme". Even many political observers agree to this point that Rahul is "overconfident".

RaGa 'gaga' over RTI, MNREGA, Food security Bill

In most of his speeches, whether, they were for assembly elections or Lok Sabha eelctions, his speeches were full of the achievements accomplished by the UPA government. Now, his over-used self praising words are on the finger-tips of many people, who listened his speeches!

No word on corruption and inflation

Rahul Gandhi, perhaps, never considered it appropriate to discuss about shortcomings of his government. He seldom, counted the grave issues like corruption and inflation, in front of public and how he plans to tackle them. He never answered certain questions that nation wanted him to speak about.

No threat from Narendra Modi

In 2012, when Rahul Gandhi reached Uttar Pradesh to campaign for state assembly elections, then he did not look at Samajwadi Party as a possible threat, and the result told it all. SP won the assembly polls with full majority and Akhilesh Yadav became the chief minister.

During Lok Sabha election 2014 campaigns, it seems that Rahul ignored Narendra Modi's giant stature in front of his Gandhi legacy. And May 16 will reveal the result, weather Rahul could have intensified his challenge or not.


Full of anger politics

Rahul's anger in public may backfire at him, this time again. The "enigmatic" Rahul, in 2012, had tored off the Samajwadi Party manifesto.

In September 2013, he again, during a press conference, said that the ordinance protecting tainted lawmakers should be torn off and thrown away.


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