In Pics: Controversial godwoman Radhe Maa in different avatars!

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After self-proclaimed godmen like Nirmal baba, Asaram Bapu, now a self-proclaimed god-woman 'Radhe Maa' has been caught in a controversy after a woman named her in a case of dowry harassment.

She has been accused of instigating a family to harass a woman for dowry. A legal case under the Dowry Prohibition Act has been filed against Radhe Maa by Nikki Gupta. Nikki also accused her husband and in-laws of harassing her for dowry.

As soon as this controversy broke, many more controversies surrounding Radhe Maa came to fore.

The self-proclaimed godwoman found herself facing much flak on social media after her images in a miniskirt surfaced on social media and has now gone viral. Not only this, even a video of her dancing to a Bollywood number started doing rounds on the social media after the controversy.

Here are the different avatars of 'Radhe Maa':

Radhe Maa in mini skirt!

Rahul Mahajan on Thursday released Radhe Maa's images in a mini skirt on Twitter which have now become viral.

Different avatars of Radhe Maa!

Rahul Mahajan, the son of former BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, tweeted the photos with a caption, "Guess Who?"

Different avatars of Radhe Maa!

Radhe Maa who has thousands of followers and is worshipped by many as a goddess, hit the headlines for wrong reasons and found herself in the middle of a controversy.

Different avatars of Radhe Maa!

A Mumbai-based lawyer, Falguni Bramhabhatt, has charged her with obscenity, mental harassment, fraud and cheating. According to reports, the Mumbai-based lawyer has charged her with performing obscene and vulgar dance steps during satsangs, conducting shady discourses, and fraud and cheating.

Radhe Maa allows followers to kiss her

Radhe Maa's religious routine with her followers has also been deemed as controversial and obscene in nature. Advocate Falguni Brahmbhatt will file a case against her on charges of obscenity as she allows her followers to kiss her.

Different avatars of Radhe Maa!

Radhe Maa, however, has refuted all allegations against her. She wrote on her Facebook page: ‘The reports are full of inaccuracies, unsubstantiated allegations, and rumors that have no basis in fact.'

Different avatars of Radhe Maa!

The self-proclaimed godwoman has been banned from visiting Nashik for the upcoming Kumbh Mela, after she was booked in the dowry harassment case. She was previously seen in an amateur video in which she was dancing to the tunes of a Bollywood song in a park. 

Radhe Maa's real name is Sukhvinder Kaur

Radhe Maa's real name is Sukhvinder Kaur. She was introduced to the world by her guru Shri Shri Mahant Ramdeen Das 1008 of Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian, Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

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