In Pics: 7 reasons why Nawaz Sharif won't say “No” to Narendra Modi's invitation

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As the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is still in dilemma, whether to visit India or not for PM- designate Narendra Modi's swearing- in ceremony on May 26, we bring out 7 reasons why Sharif must accept Modi's invitation:

Based on the findings of an Indian- based think tank "Observer Research Foundation", following are the reasons which suggests that Sharif won't be able to say "no" to Modi:

India is the only reliable neighbour of Pakistan

Pakistan must understand that India is only strong nation. If Pakistan looks at the western nations bordered by it, then, all of them are marred in their own shortcomings.

Gas pipeline from India to Turkmenistan

The gas pipeline from Turkmenistan- Afghanistan- Pakistan- India ((TAPI) is very crucial for the four nations. Once the pipeline is constructed, then there will be an positive boom in the economic status of all four countries.

Pakistan's GDP, Sharif's biggest tension

Pakistan's GDP is continuously going down. In 2010, it went to the lowest point, then rose in between, but again came down in 2013. In an order to revive its economy, Pakistan must extend "friendship hand" towards India.

Terror attacks in Pakistan

With no security arrangements, Pakistan has become prone to more and more terror attacks. To combat terrorism, funds are also required, which Pakistan lacks. If Pakistan wants to uproot terrorism, then it must enhance bilateral ties with India, which which help it in reviving its economy and ultimately, to weed out terrorists, who have made "safe havens" there.


Pakistan buys most of its product from western nations, but if it buys same products from India, then it can save its lot of money. If Pakistan takes such a step, then it will be a mutually benefit each other.

Pakistan's economy will be strenthend and empowered and India will get monetary profit.

For instance, Pakistan will have to pay 55 per cent less if it purchase iron from India.

Anti- terrorism campaign

If India- Pakistan relations improve under Narendra Modi's rule, then, it will be a matter of threat for terror forces. The terror outfit Taliban can be tackled with if India -Pakistan succeed in maintaining strong ties, as both the nations can strengthen anti- terrorism campaign.

What researchers suggest

The ORF reserachers have suggsted that India and Pakistan should jointly talk with the US and convey the message that it should not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan till December 2014, as it can strengthen Taliban. Then, there can be increased threats of terror attacks by Taliban on India and Paklistan. So, Sharif must take the initiative to discuss the issue with PM Narendra Modi.

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