In pics: A day before the poll, What Bangalore is thinking?

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Bangalore, April 15: The Silicon Valley of India is set to cast its vote in another two days. How are the citizens feeling 48 hours before a crucial fight? Is there a Narendra Modi wave or is it the Congress which looks favourite? Will the Aam Aadmi Party be a factor?

Oneindia speaks to people, the real deciders of the fate of a democracy.

However, it may be mentioned here that not all whom we spoke to agreed to reveal their identities while expressing their thoughts on the ongoing national elections. We respect their decision. However, we would share their opinions to make it a balanced presentation from all aspect.

"I am a supporter of the Congress but this time Modi looks favourite"

Oneindia spoke to people on the ground to understand which way Bangalore's mood is swinging ahead of the Lok Sabha election.

"AAP is another side of the Congress. Modi will win."

Oneindia spoke to people to gauge the mood of Bangalore before the April 17 polling.

"Difficult to say how election results some out."

Oneindia met various people to understand how they are getting ready ahead of the Lok Sabha election.

"I won't be able to vote this year for I have no leave. But I think it will be a close fight in Karnataka this time. Can't say who will win. There is a Modi wave while the Congress is also strong in the state. The AAP won't be able to do anything."

What ordinary people of Bangalore are thinking ahead of the Lok Sabha election on April 17

"No idea about elections."

Oneindia interacted with people to know what they are thinking about the April 17 Lok Sabha poll.

"No idea who will win. Not interested in politics."

Oneindia tried to explore people's mood in Bangalore ahead of the Lok Sabha election on April 17.

"The Congress looks strong this time. Not only Nandan Nilakeni's presence will help it in South Bangalore, the Muthalik issue will hit the BJP hard. Also the AAP will eat some of the anti-Congress votes, making it tough for the BJP. It won't be easy for Ananth Kumar this time."

What ordinary Bangaloreans are thinking ahead of the April 17 polling.

One of the woman respondent we interviewed said she is suspicious of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for a couple of reasons. One, she thinks Modi is mainly a leader and Gujarat and may overlook the interest of a state like Karnataka.And secondly, the recent controversy over Modi's wife Jashodaben hasn't impressed her at all. "Seeing Modi's wife's state, one wonders what will he really do for the women's cause after becoming the prime minister," the respondent, a professional,said.

Another woman respondent refused to give a photograph to us saying it would annoy her husband. This respondent, who hails from the lower-middle class, however, backed Modi as the flavour of this season. The same answer was given by another young security guard. Both these persons refused to give their photographs.

Among others who refused to give a photograph are a group of middle-aged men. They said the Congress looks favourite to win this time, particularly Bangalore South. "Ananth Kumar, the sitting MP, never visits the constituency once he gets elected and this is going on for years now. He is winning election after election because there was no strong opposition. This time, Nandan Nilekani looks certain to win. He is a man of clean image and people like such candidates," one of the men said. Is the Aam Aadmi a factor? To this, another from the group said: "That party has little importance. Nobody cares about it."

Another person, a car driver by profession, said Modi looks strong to win this time.

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