In conversation with Kol girl fighting cancer: 'Save Saheli' brings smiles that she wants to pass on

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No, Cancer could not take away her dreams, her aspirations to stand on her own two feet or take care of her parents, but the battle has helped her learn to which her young mind was still unfamiliar with-HUMANITY.

After learning about her story, help is flooding in from all parts of the world and not just India. Her father is getting incessant calls for offering to help morally, financially and medically. But, Saheli's journey is far from over.


She has a new hurdle to overcome-language. While she has hundreds who are keen to stand by her side at this time of crisis, there is no way to communicate since her family knows only Bangla and a few words of Hindi and English.

Her father gazes in utter helplessness and dismay when he receives a call from the UAE or the US or for that matter the southern states of India. Neither side can express their feelings, forget talking about help. But, Saheli has gained a certain maturity in the past few months and thinks otherwise. While she is happy that people support her family, she also feels sad that there are many like her who want equal attention.

Here is a conversation with her:

OneIndia: How do you feel Saheli? You are receiving help from so many places and everyone is keen to help you with everything they have.

Saheli: I am lucky that I have support. But, there are hundreds like me who need equal amount of help. What about them? I wish they got help too. Why am I the only lucky one?

OneIndia: Taken aback by the matured outburst of the girl, we did not have a response. Then one of us remembered that she was a sprinter and had won several prizes. He asked,"you are a sprinter right? You must be having several awards at home. How does it feel to win an award?

Saheli: (Elated) IT feels great, on top of the world.

OneIndia: Then think of it this way. You are winning the prizes for the race of life, your brave front in this crisis. This is not help you are receiving. These are awards for the world to see. Then you will grow up one day and....

(she interrupts) Saheli: hand over the prize to them too.

OneIndia: Yes and you will still find these helping hands around you. The joy of giving would be manifold and you have to fight hard till then. This goes in cycle-what goes around, comes around. (Jokingly) If we fall sick, we would know you would be there.

Saheli (giggles)

Thank you readers, for all the help that you are extending and bringing the smiles back on Saheli's face. Meanwhile, for volunteers and donators, language is just a barrier, not the idea. WE are sure you would find a way to commununicate.

You can reach the following people if you wish to help:

Kanchan Roy (Kolkata volunteer): 07278268775/8420286713/9674877537
Pallavi Sengupta (that's me): 9535613441
Tapan Chakraborty (Saheli's father): 9433328681

Bank Details:

ACCOUNT NO:- 0163010445894

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