How Narendra Modi's super popularity has become a worry for BJP

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Is Narendra Modi in search of a party and the BJP in search of an identity? Six months ahead of the prestigious battle for New Delhi, the saffron camp is facing this crucial question. According to a news report, the BJP and Sangh Parivar recently carried out a survey to gauge the mind of the young voters but the results have landed them in great anxiety.

And take this: The reason is Modi's popularity! The party's prime ministerial candidate is a massive hit among the youngsters but the problem is not many of them know what is the polling symbol of the BJP, says the report.

Saffron camp leaders have started to feel that they have two challenges now and one of them is to help the BJP get some space besides Modi.

Vajpayee used to mention lotus in his addresses, can Modi take a cue from him?

In a parliamentary democracy, this is indeed a big question. India had seen something similar happening to the Congress in the 1970s during the days of Indira Gandhi but since that party has always been controlled from the top, the rise of the individual above the party was not stunning news, particularly for the Congress insiders. But in the party with a difference, this is indeed a worrying trend.

Modi has eclipsed the BJP so much so that the latter is deeply worried over the fact that if people are not aware about its polling symbol, then the Modi wave might not get reflected in the results at all. The party is trying to promote the lotus as much as possible to establish its link with Modi.

Modi himself has also been inviting people, particularly youngsters to come forward and vote, but the BJP feels there is not enough backing up to educate the voters about the symbol that they should vote for.

Modi's personality cult has perhaps made the symbol less important for himself for he is not often heard speaking about the lotus at his mega rallies. The saffron camp is trying to make the leader propagate about the lotus more during his addresses. But charismatic leaders often see themselves as the actual symbol of the party instead of a formal one.

Here lies the challenge for both the BJP and Modi.

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