How Narendra Modi bowled over Nepal with his diplomatic knack

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Indo-Nepal relation gets a big push
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for doing things in most stylish manner and this has always earned him a lot of praise. Right from inviting leaders of SAARC nations in his swearing-in ceremony to bringing back nurses from strife-torn Iraq and then recent one blocking of WTO's Trade facilitation agreement in the larger interest of poor of the country, all proves that he is master in the art of displaying diplomatic knack. Maintaining the legacy, the ongoing Nepal visit of Prime Minister is another feather in his cap.

Here is the six points which will prove how Modi became the cynosure of people of Nepal.

Used Nepali in his speech
Prime Minister has this uncanny ability to connect with people not only in his own country but on foreign soil also. Narendra Modi won the hearts and minds of Nepali people by beginning his speech in Nepali language. "I have returned to this beautiful country as a friend and i am happy to visit Nepal as Prime Minister," Modi said in Nepali. He also said that people of Nepal has shown honour and respect to 1.2 billion Indians by inviting me to Himalayan country. Modi said that the history of both the country-India and Nepal is as old as Himalayas and the Ganga. Citing history of both countries he said, "There is a temple in Varanasi, Kashi, from where I got elected, where Nepalis are the priests and here in Pashupati, you have Indian priests, which signify close religious ties between the two countries".

Created history by speaking in Nepali parliament
Prime Minister became the second foreign leader who addressed the Nepalese Constituent Assembly on Sunday after German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Kohl had spoken in the Assembly in 1990.
Modi is the first Indian PM who has visited Nepal in 17 years after former Prime Minister I K Gujaral had visited the country in 1997. Erstwhile Prime Minister Manmohan Singh never visited Nepal during 10-yr of UPA rule. Breaking the protocol Nepal Premier Sushil Koirala himself received Indian counterpart at the airport.

Heaped praise about Nepal and their people.
Exhorting people of the Himalayan country, Narendra Modi said that Nepal has set an example by following the path of peace and shunned the violence. "You have abandoned Shashtra and instead followed Shaastraa and the path of Buddha", Modi said in the 601-member Constituent Assembly.
He touched another nerve by acknowledging Gurkha soldiers' sacrifices and contribution in war. "India has not won any battle, any war where Nepalis have not shed blood, have not been martyred", Modi said in the land of Sita and Janak.

India will respect Nepal's sovereignty
Prime Minister said that India will not interfere in the internal matter of the country but provide helping hand in the path of development. Modi said that it feels good by seeing that Nepal is writing a democratic, federal and republic constitution which is in accordance with the wishes of the people of Nepal.
"We have not come here to interfere in your internal matters but we want to help you to develop", Modi said in Assembly amidst a big applause by lawmakers.

Will help Nepal as big brother
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India wants to help Himalayan country in three ways, through HIT which stands for High Ways, Information Technology and Transmission lines. He said that, soon Nepal will get rid off the electricity problem as India will provide helping hand in this direction. A bridge over Mahakali River will also be formed, bringing people of two countries further closer. According to Reuter reports, Indian Prime Minister has also offered Nepal $1 billion in concessional loans. The loan will help Nepal in building power plants and roads.

Three agreements signed
Pledging that bridge of trust between the two nations would be further strengthened; the head of both country (Sushil Koirala- and Modi) stressed the need for infrastructural development which play a pivotal role in growth and development of any country. According to DNA report three agreements have been signed between two countries- An agreement on Letter of Exchange for establishing Pancheswor Development Authority was signed along with two others, an MoU in the health sector for Goitre Control Programme, and Cooperation between Doordarshan and Nepal TV.

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