Meditation in Thailand failed to work its magic on Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi's rally on Sunday, April 19 was termed as his big comeback in the current political scenario that would help the Congress party to get back on its feet.

But Rahul Gandhi's speech at the Ramlila Maidan fizzled out even as news reports suggest that farmers who gathered there began to leave.

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Rahul Gandhi fails to shine at rally

During his speech, Rahul directly attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government and said that Modi had taken a loan from the industrialists and that his way of repayment was giving them the farmers land.

Meditation failed to work its magic

While it is still not yet confirmed as to where exactly was Rahul Gandhi during his two-month long sabbatical, reports suggest that he was in Thailand and meditating to induce 'calm'.

Well, we certainly felt that the meditation failed to work its magic cause all he did was blast off from the stage at the rally. Meditation is supposed to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but in Rahul's case it backfired.

He came and raised the same old issues, gloated about UPA's achievements, something that reminded us of Congress' Lok Sabha campaign in 2014, without offering any fresh insight in the party's fight against the Land Bill.

Rahul Sonia

Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was on a three-nation tour, made comments saying that he was clearing the mess of the last 50 years in the country [Concern for farmers as land bill being changed: Rahul Gandhi]

"I feel sad to hear this as prime minister can't see the efforts of the poor and the farmers who actually laid the foundation of the country," he said.

Gandhi said that the poor and the farmers were feeling afraid under the present regime as they don't know what's going to happen to them next.

But in his speech he failed to give any concrete solutions to the farmers, leaving even them without much hope. In fact meditation is supposed to free you from all your negative thoughts, but Rahul criticisising Narendra Modi made us think otherwise!

What Rahul should've actually done

We would have appreciated if Rahul, instead of taking a two-month long sabbatical, had actually gone out and met the farmers who were sufferring. Instead of leading the fight against the Land Bill from the front, it was his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi who took charge and led the demonstration in Delhi in February.

Rahul Gandhi

Even on Saturday, April 18 Rahul met farmers and farmer representatives but once he came out of that meeting he just met the farmers standing outside his office for less than 5 minutes. For someone who claims to be a pro-farmer and pro-poor individual meeting the affected farmers for less than 5 minutes does no good.

Instead of taking off from the country, things would have been different if Rahul was pro-active against the Land Aquisition Bill. His absence got more media attention that his presence [Land Bill protest: When Rahul Gandhi's Kisan Rally was booed on social media]

Is there still a chance for him to bounce back?

After his not-so-powerful rally on Sunday, we are as clueless as Rahul Gandhi seemed during his rally. All attempts make his return look extraordinary have faltered. So we can come up with just one question- Rahul Baba what next?

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