How making it to Forbes list shows PM Modi's increasing global might

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Modi in Forbes' list is good for India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made an impressive debut as he joined the world's most powerful people ranking 15th on the Forbes magazine's list. Russian President Vladimir Putin once again defeated his US counterpart Barack Obama to the top spot. Narendra Modi making a niche in the Forbes' list is symbolic of his growing influence ever since he catapulted to power in May.

The BJP strongman's motto of a Congress-free India seems to have transpired into this list as well, because Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, who was placed at 21st spot by the magazine in its 2013 edition, has failed to secure a position this time. This shows how badly, Congress' image has been dented.

What has Forbes magazine written about Indian PM?

"India's newest rock star doesn't hail from Bollywood. He is the newly elected prime minister who sailed into office in May with a landslide victory, ushering the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) into power after decades of control by the Gandhi dynasty," said the US business magazine on Modi.

The magazine has admitted that Modi's deliverance on his promise of making India a super power in coming years is the reason behind his growing popularity not only at home but he's also impressed the citizens to wherever he goes.

Writing about his increasing popularity the magazine said, "His administration promises to bring economic rejuvenation to other beleaguered parts of India. The world is as impressed as the citizens of India: So far he's toured the US and China and met with his Southeast Asian neighbours."

What is the significance of Modi making it to Forbes' list?

Although it is hard to say whether such lists actually have any connection with reality but one thing is for sure that such lists do reflect the might of a particular leader. Considering India's impact and growing influence in global arena its most popular and powerful leader getting a place on fifteenth place could always be questioned. But, one can keep this debate aside since India still has a very long way to travel under Modi's leadership while those placed above him, barring a few, have proved their might by excelling in their respective fields.

But here we must discuss about what is the significance of Modi's debut in this list and is it going to help India in any way or the other.

Modi's debut in Forbes list is good for India

In a radio interview to NitiCentral, Siddharth Zarabi, Executive Editor Bloomberg India TV, said, "Such lists, in a way, help the common man understand who are the most powerful leaders in the world. Though the parameters on which these rankings are made could always be debated as it may differ from organisation to organisation. But one thing is for sure that such rankings definitely indicates that India (and its PM) is once again getting global recognition and attention. And the credit for the same goes to the PM's confidence, style of governance and his trademark attitude."

Mr Zarabi also expressed confidence that Modi's ranking in the same list will definitely improve next year. And Modi's good work and tough decisions that will help improve India's image internationally will automatically trigger Modi at a higher ranking.

Congress' decline witnessed globally

Mr Zorabi in the interview also hinted that Modi's rise and Sonia's exit from the list shows that Congress' decline is being witnessed globally. Entire world has now understood that Modi's rise is symbolic of the end of the era of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and its kind of politics in India. 

The world is witnessing a drastic change in India's political discourse. This also shows that there is a change in perception about India's political system.

India's Rockstar PM 

For his capability of winning the audience's heart, the magazine called PM Modi a 'rockstar' this shows the change in world's attitude towards India and its leaders. This shows how seriously the world media is taking Narendra Modi and it is really a very good sign for India.

Thus, getting a mention in Forbes list will only help Modi in sending a message both at home and outside that 'there is a strong leadership in India'.

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