Gujarat's Sabarmati Riverfront, an epitome of inclusive growth

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Development initiatives undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his stint as Gujarat Chief Minister have not only made waves inside the country but also around the world. Among other, Modi's pet project, 'Sabarmati Riverfront Project' has been appreciated so much that several neighbouring countries have expressed their interest to replicate it in their country too. In this series, a four-member delegation from Pakistan will arrive in India on Sunday on a three-day official tour to visit Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project (SRDP).

The Pakistani delegation comprises Lahore Commissioner Rashid Mehmood Langrial, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director-General Ahad Khan Cheema, LDA's strategic policy unit chief Moazzam Sipra, and Mustafa Kamal Chaudhry, a technical expert/consultant on urban infrastructure projects. The after Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif showed his interest in the SRDP.

What is Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project?

The SRDP an initiative by Gujarat Government, is an environmental improvement, social upliftment and urban rejuvenation project that will renew the Ahmedabad city. The project aims to reclaim the private river edge as a public asset and restore the city's relationship with its river. The idea for developing the Riverfront is very old. But in 1997, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) setup a wholly owned Special Purpose Vehicle - the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation (SRFCDL) to explore the project.

In the list of '100 Most Innovative Projects' in the world

Sabarmati Riverfront is among the most innovative projects in the world according to leading international advisory firm KPMG. According to KPMG, SRDP is in the list of ‘100 Most Innovative Projects' towards urban regeneration that make cities livable as well as sustainable.

SRDP marks a wonderful blend of innovation and pro-people governance

A release by the KPMG about the Sabarmati Riverfront says, "The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project is an urban regeneration and environmental improvement initiative currently under way in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It involves the reclamation of a 10.5 kilometer stretch of the banks of the Sabarmati River, creating a new public space for cultural and civic institutions. Along the river, space will be made for recreation use and markets. The aim is to transform the stretch of river from a geographical divider in the middle of the city to a focal point for leisure and recreation."

Other recognitions and award:

The Sabarmati Riverfront project has bagged the Prime Minister award for the best concept and design of a public project. In 2006, the Sabarmati Riverfront Project was the recipient of the National Safety Council of India, Safety Award (Prashansa Patra).

Since Narendra Modi took over as Gujarat Chief Minister in 2001, he decided to give immense importance to the re-development of the Sabarmati River front. This project will bring about a marked environmental improvement in the city by allowing retaining of ground water and providing cleaner water to people. It will also add to the greenery in the city.

Moreover, it will also provide more recreational spaces as well. This includes parks and gardens and even spaces for cultural facilities. The Riverfront will also be home to adventure activities that would be enjoyed by people from Ahmedabad and nearby areas. Just recently, the AMC announced that it is considering floating buses on the Sabarmati.

The Riverfront marks a wonderful blend of innovation and pro-people governance. It, in a way, writes a fresh chapter in the history of urban development in India.

Revitalising the heart of Ahmedabad

The Riverfront upgrades 18 precincts located adjacent to the riverfront land, revitalising the heart of Ahmedabad and leading the city's future growth.

Encouraging leisure activities and events

Large parks and gardens freely open to the public, the project will encourage leisure activities and events on the Riverfront.

Will retain ground water level

This project will bring about a marked environmental improvement in the city by allowing retaining of ground water and providing cleaner water to the city.

Will upgrade informal markets

SRFD will strengthen and upgrade informal markets, which will be of immense economic importance to the poor


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