'Godman' or 'fraudman': A tale of Rampal and inefficacy of Haryana Govt

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At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being wowed for his recent initiatives by global leaders, his Government at home is in dock. The Modi-led Government which is already facing flak for pampering baba Ramdev by giving Z plus security, is facing tough times in Haryana because of another baba or godman Rampal.

Manohar Lal Khattar led BJP Government in Haryana is facing flak for inept handling of godman Rampal case. The Government has shown seriousness in the case now and has mounted pressure over godman and several of his followers. According to latest reports, the Haryana Police have slapped sedition and other serious charges against them.

But question is why Government didn't rise to occasion at right time?

On November 10, the High Court had pulled up the Haryana Government for failing to produce self-styled 'godman' to the court. Why the Khattar Government dint act promplty and allowed congregation of such a huge number of followers in these days at the Ashram, before launching an operation to nab the alleged murderer. Government was ordered to produce Rampal in court long back, then why this lackadaisical approach?

Sant rampal

The Haryana government on November 17, had told the HC that it is taking steps to comply with the court order but it has to take every step carefully as a number of women and children were also present in his ashram in Hisar district.

Why Government didn't make advance planning when they knew that Rampal has been evading court proceedings in the past (43 times in four years ). Recently only
he failed to appear before the High Court on three dates - November 5, November 10 and November 17.

This is really shocking that the State administration is kneeling down to so called 'baba', who has his private army to protect him.

Is Rampal above law?

On November 17, controversial Rampal was whisked away from his ashram to an undisclosed destination for treatment. On asking why he is averse to appear in the court, his followers said that he is not in good health. If that is the case, then Rampal should have communicated this to the court instead of evading from the court proceedings which is a sheer crime.

Moreover, if he really believes in law of the land, why then he has assembled this large gathering at Satlok ashram in Hisar? Reports say that his followers attacked police with bricks and petrol bombs and around six people died, leaving more than 100 injured in this fight between Haryana police and Rampal's supporters. Who is responsible for the loss of these innocent lives?

Who is controversial godman?

The godman was born as Rampal Dass on September 8, 1951 in village Dhanana in Sonipat district of Haryana. He had very modest beginning as his father was a farmer. His father's name is Bhakt Nandram and mother's name is Bhaktmati Indradevi.

After completing his schooling he did a diploma in Engineering and was appointed as a J.E. in the irrigation department of Haryana Government. It is being said that since childhood he was very fascinated with religious activities like kirtans, satsangs and bhajans.

In the meantime, he met 107 year old Swami Ramdevanand who took him under his tutelage. After working for 18 years, he left his job in 1995 and started doing these religious activities as full timer. Soon he declared himself as an incarnation of Sant Kabir.

In 1999, Rampal established his Ashram Satlok after getting land from a philanthropic woman Kamla Devi in Karontha village. But this rosy tale soon got over. After the year 2000, he had to go through various legal wrangling after he made derogatory remarks against Arya Samaj founder Swami Dayanand Saraswati. On July 12, 2006 a violent protest broke out between godman's followers and Arya Samajis. In that clash a young man got killed and a murder case was lodged against Rampal. He along with many of his followers were jailed in the case. Rampal who currently is on bail, faces charges of conspiracy in connection with the 2006 incident.

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