Goat's arrest, 'killer' meteorite, DMK's 'gravitational pull' towards Cong: India's unique stories

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Not just the home of Buddha and Gandhi, India is also a land of strange things and we love to be entertained by them. Since we Indians are disappointed with the working of the system of which we are a part, we are always eager to discover a refreshment that keeps our minds in shape and ready for more gruelling battles of everyday life.

Last week, when the Dalal Street came down crashing and the economy of Narendra Modi looked weak and Lance Naik Hanumanthappa failed to pull off a miraculous victory against Mother Nature, the Indian psyche wasn't in the best of shape. But amid all that, the arrest of a goat for eating up grasses in a judge's bungalow in Chhattisgarh or the ‘Believe it or not' death of a bus driver in a meteorite hit (although Nasa later said it was not so) in Tamil Nadu gave us some refreshing news, even if small enough for a momentary smile.

In the meantime, the Delhi government declared that it would carry out the odd-even formula on the city state's roads between April 1 and 15. For Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, who said an overwhelming number of people want the rule back after its initial experiment in January, it is a nice way of enjoying people's faith and decongest the roads, if not to actually fight the dreadful pollution in the capital (do private cars cause alarming level of pollution? God knows).

Six months down the line, we might see other state governments applying the odd-even formula in schools and offices. A mutually beneficial move for it will ensure more holidays for the pupils and employees and also save resources like water and electricity. We have mastered the art of populism to enviable extent, afterall.

There was also another good news this week and it was in the realm of science. Sixty scientists from nine Indian institutes participated in the experiment that discovered the gravitational wave as was predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago. Tremendous achievement indeed. Perhaps the DMK and Congress felt the gravitational pull the most after this discovery as they formed an alliance for the Tamil Nadu polls. Will Amit Shah feel a similar pull to do the BJP a favour?

Whether Shah feels it or not, Indian journalism's ‘commander-in-chief' Arnab Goswami certainly felt a nationalistic pull in the wake of what they called "anti-national" slogans in the campus of the JNU. He compared it to the sacrifice of Hanumanthappa, creating an avalanche of short in the studio to show the panellists that they are always below the anchor.

Cricket, which is India's eternal entertainment, however, let the supporters down a bit by losing the first T20 against Sri Lanka. After whitewashing the Australians 3-0 in their own den, expectations were really sky-high but Dhoni's men showed how the game is a great leveller before levelling the series 1-1. The colts, on the other hand, made their fifth World Cup final in Bangladesh and took on the West Indies in the final, something that took place after 33 years.

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