Getting no dividends after wooing Minority, Congress to focus on Hindu appeasement now

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Rahul Gandhi
Congress party seems is recalibrating its strategy to resuscitate party which is in dilapidated State currently. Experts cite many reason for party's Lok Sabha debacle, where it was routed by saffron brigade to lowest ever tally in history. Though at some extent the dynasty party has redeemed its lost glory in recent days by by poll results, but its true valor will be tasted in coming State Assembly polls.

Antony blamed Minority appeasement for poll defeat 

Blaming minority appeasement politics of party the reason for poll defeat, Veteran Congress leader and former Defence Minister A K Antony had recently said, "Some sections of society have an impression that the party is inclined to certain communities or organisations. People have doubt whether that policy is being implemented or not".

With indirect message the veteran leader had said that due to this perception that Congress is pro Muslim party, all Hindu votes gravitated towards Saffron party which ultimately seal party's prospect in Lok Sabha poll .

Want to shed Muslim party tag 

Learning lesson from Lok Sabha and Madhya Pradesh State poll defeat, State Congress has made a plan. According to that, they will embrace this Hindutva agenda so that it will help them in shedding this pro-Minority party tag.

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, these days all Hindu festivals are celebrated with much fun and frolic in Madhya Pradesh Congress office and that is considered a strategy to pull Hindu voters back in their fold.

It is record in the history of State politics that any party has conducted such sort of religious activities in party office and that is also with such gaiety. The whole programme started with Ganesh festival, then on the occasion of teachers day, the NSUI had conducted Sarsawati puja. Then nine days of navratri was also celebrated with great joie de vivre.

What is the reason behind this move?

The sources said that after series of poll defeat, Rahul Gandhi has been directed to improve party's image among Hindu voters. It is because of this reason party faced this humiliation in elections.

The State leaders believe that Hindu voters perceive Congress a Muslim party, contrary to the fact that it is for everyone and follows policy of inclusive politics.

Some senior leaders recklessly give statements against Hindu and Hindutva, which make them anti-Congress. Congress president Rahul Gandhi has told them to draw the line and be precocious on the matter. These pro Hindu activities are part of the game plan to win the confidence of Hindu folklore.

Will this really help?

Though, these move have been opposed by some State leaders like gufran e azam and Akbar beg. Opposing this move of State Congress president Arun Yadav, azam has even said that party office is not home of former where he can do anything which he wants.

Gone are the days when party easily make fool of people. They can't be beguiled anymore. The party should understand that appeasement politics not at all works and Lok Sabha election is big proof of that. In Lok Sabha poll, people voted for change, stablity and inclusive politics. Go to people understand them, listen their problems and try to solve them to best of your abilities.

This should be strategy. Work for humankind not for particular religion, Hindu or Muslims. Both are like two arms of country which only prosper once its two child will improvise.

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