Ganga rejuvenation: Dear Modi, isn't 18 years a long time?

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Modi Government placed a blueprint of short, medium and long term measures
Rejuvenating the Ganga has always been on the top priority of the Modi Government. Ever since it assumed the office, Modi Government has taken several quick decision which indicates seriousness of the Government on the issue. Be it alloting 2,037 crore in its maiden Budget for the purpose or forming a separate Ministry to take up quick measures in this regard, Modi Government has always shown deep interest towards fulfilling its election promise.

But, it seems all its planning and so-called measures are mere eye wash as the people will have to wait at least 18 years to see a rejuvenated Ganga.

As per the blueprint submitted by the Modi Government before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the cleaning up of Ganga could only be completed in next 18 years.

What Modi Government said in Supreme Court?

The Modi Government placed a blueprint of short, medium and long term measures that spread over 18 years and thousands of crore of investment to restore the glory of the holy river.

The Government submitted that it has identified 118 towns situated on bank of Ganga as a first target to achieve total sanitation including water waste treatment and solid waste management.

"It is respectfully submitted that in order to ensure rejuvenation of the Ganga, the action plan envisages phase wise timeline in terms of short term - a period of three years, medium term - a period of next five years and long term - a period of next ten years and more," the affidavit, filed in the Supreme Court, said.

It said timeline for completion of ongoing projects has been prepared after consulting five Ganga basin states which are primarily responsible for implementation of projects for rejuvenation of the 2,500km long Ganga.

The Government informed the court in an affidavit that short-term goals would be achieved in three years, mid-term goals in five years and long-term ones in 10 years or more.

18 years a very long time for "Ganga Manthan"

PM Modi made a strong pitch for cleaning up Ganga even during the electioneering. The issue was also mentioned in the manifesto of the BJP under the cultural heritage section. Soon after winning election, Modi from the ghats of Ganga said, "Now it is time to do my bit for Maa Ganga. Ganga is waiting for her son to free her from pollution."

Modi Government's quick action towards rejuvenating the holy river came as silver line at the end of tunnel not only for its devotees but among those who are residing along the 2,500 km long bank of the polluted river. But, Government's statement before the Supreme Court on Tuesday will depress them. Of course, 18 years is a long period for them to wait for.

Has the BJP made false promises?

The BJP-led Central Government has only five years to perform, after that it will again have to face elections. If the BJP loses the 2019 elections, all the schemes including the Ganga rejuvenation plan, carried out by the present regime will go into cold storage unless the next Government takes interest in carrying them forward.

Under such situation, the Modi Government will not be able to accomplish its pet project and could have to face people's ire over the issue in the next General elections.

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