Gajendra Singh: A life that could have been easily saved

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Could Gajendra Singh have been saved? Going by the report submitted by the Delhi police it become amply clear that Singh could have easily been saved had there not been interference and instigation.

Shockingly, the report also makes a mention of how the Delhi government tried and stopped the post mortem of Singh. Further, the report also speaks about how the venue of the rally was not changed despite a clear cut instruction and request by the police to do so. [Probe reveals Gajendra Singh was instigated, his death an accident]

gajendra singh

Why was there pressure not to conduct autopsy?

The Delhi police in its report has questioned the Delhi government regarding the autopsy to be conducted on Singh. It states in the report that the Delhi government had tried to stop and also delay the postmortem/autopsy of Singh. [Gajendra Singh had tried his hand in politics]

When the body reached the mortuary, the sub-divisional magistrate was sent there. He told the police and the staff at the mortuary and told them to preserve the body. He also said that the autopsy should not be conducted immediately.

An inquiry by the sub-divisional magistrate had become a bone of contention in this case. The Delhi police had refused to be part of it and had stated that the case does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Delhi government.

Provocative speaking

The Delhi police says in the report that the speeches delivered at the venue were provocative in nature. As the speeches were being delivered one of the officers from the Delhi police noticed that a man had climbed up the neem tree at the venue. [Gajendra Singh's death: AAP Govt delaying post mortem, accuses police]

This tree was at a distance of 30 metres from the dais where the speeches were being delivered. He had a broom in a hand. As the crowd saw him stand atop the tree, all of them began clapping and cheered him. He was being provoked and instigated, the report also states.

As he was being cheered on and instigated, he began to indulge in more dangerous acts. The police had sensed some danger by this time and called the control room to send help.

Why did volunteers go up the tree?

When the help, in the form of the fire brigade arrived at the spot, the volunteers were told to step aside. However, they continued to cheer Singh on which he was instigated him to jump. [Plea in SC for probe into hanging of farmer during AAP rally]

The police say, as he jumped the volunteers instead of letting the fire brigade personnel do their job went up the tree instead. The knot in such cases should be removed by professionals, but the volunteers decided to untie the knot themselves.

The last support, Singh had at his feet was a small branch. He lost contact with the same and fell to the ground and died.

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