From 'class' politics to 'mass' politics; Rahul uses stories to argue

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Will Rahul win the 'mass' with stories
New Delhi, Oct 8: It was an attempt to bring down the Mayawati leadership, highlighting why she is not letting the others from Dalit communities take over in Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), but what struck the sensitive and the elite was the way he drove the point home.

Reminds one of the old school days when the teachers used to refer to the Jatakas or Aesope's Fables for moral lessons when Rahul Gandhi brings his grandmother's (Indira Gandhi's) stories to the mass (it's different to question their authenticity though).

He speaks of a ice hockey match that his grandmother had attended in Germany when she was young and how she had went against the popular choice for the winning team and backed the losing one on their slightest efforts.

All Rahul wanted to say through this story was one should give a fair chance to all and if that is not happening, it is best to stand for the weak even though the opposition is powerful.

A contrasting demeanour, especially when we compare his approach to the Uttarakhand floods when he was not to be seen anywhere, until a quarter of the rescue operations were done over with. His squeaky clean white 'pajama-kurta' stood in stark contrast to the mud-inundated Kedarnath and the even muddier clothes of the rescue workers. Of course, he did visit the families of the victims, but does he even remember that? Think not.

A job may have been done well in the press meet Rahulji, and the point has also been driven home, but being a leader of the mass is not that easy-you have to be the part of it.

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