Why 'freebies' approach may put AAP govt on slippery track

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It is hard truth that huge mandate always brings 'pressure' along with it. Aam Aadmi Party which came to power with roaring success after routing BJP may have to face the same in coming days.

Delhi people who voted AAP against BJP, perceiving that the former will end all their agonies must have high hope with the government.

Will 'populist schemes' help Kejriwal?

As Kejriwal took oath as Delhi Chief Minister in the presence of huge fan following at Ramlila Ground on Saturday, countdown for fulfillment of electoral promises start now.

AAP on tough wicket?

Both the national parties including BJP and Congress which were drubbed badly in the election will surely keep a hawk eye on the AAP. These parties which must be disgruntled after they were routed by rookie party, will definitely keep a tab on every single step of the AAP.

They will leave no stone unturned to push AAP to the wall whenever and wherever and later will try to shirk away from its electoral promises made to the people.

Though ghost of past will always haunt AAP, but party's real success on the political pitch will largely depend on how much it tries to learn from its past mistakes.

It is being believed that AAP has metamorphosed itself into a better version, contrary to 2013 when party faced the fire for wrong reasons. But, AAP will have to live up to the expectations of 'Aam Admi' this time.

'Populist poll promises' may wobble AAP's way
Party which got huge mandate (67/70) in Delhi election by promising free electricity, water and wi-fi may earn people's ire in coming days.
It is proven that 'populist schemes' gives a party transient succour only and in the long run it becomes big liability.

Learning from Congress's mistakes which was booted out in spite of giving huge number of freebies to people including MNREGA and other schemes, party must thread cautiously on the front, though it has become too late now.

Free wi-fi, water and electricity
Yesterday only youth were found complaining about the wi-fi which was promised free to the people. It is being said now that there are conditions with this ambitious project.

Now, the party is saying that they will provide the net service for 'specific things' only i.e accessing government sites and some other important applications like women security app. Downloading, Facebook and Whatsaap etc are not included.

There are more tailbacks like after half an hour it will be chargeable. Youth may not have idea that they can only use the facility at selected hotspots, which means you can't enjoy the service at home. Disappointed youth is now sulking and saying why did the party not reveal this truth before.
This is the status of one of the promise.

Coming to the promise of free water, the biggest question is how party will avail free (600 ml) water to all. Imminent for survival, water is already insufficient in the capital. Recently, Haryana Government had cautioned saying that don't put onus on us to meet the rising water requirement in Delhi. Moreover, water level in the Haiderpur pond is also decreasing day by day.

And what about all those Delhities who don't have taps in their house. Rather than announcing 'free' water, it would have been sane to say that he will solve water issues in the capital in a prudent manner. Moreover, how he will manage crores of rupees which will add the burden to the State exchequer.

AAP needs to worry as BJP routed for being a 'non-performing government'

Who had imagined that the Saffron party which had registered such a thumping victory just ten months ago will be humiliated to this extent. But, fact of the matter is that voters want to say that political parties can't use them merely as a doormat.

If parties really want voters to support them, then they have to establish a cordial relation with them. People want to support a party which understands their plight. Long talk to prove voters beguile may not help party, rather their actions will speak volume about their credibility.

In the election, voters found BJP's rhetoric full of aggression than required assertion, stale promises than new found solution of rising problems. One can recall Union Minister Venkaih Naidu's statement just before election date where he had said that election result will not be a referendum on the Modi government. That was the proof that BJP had already sniffed the defeat.

Fact of the matter is voters want party to fulfil what it preaches and that also within time frame. BJP government may have achieved much on diplomacy front and made groundwork to make things better, but that didn't make any quality change in the lives of common people. They still are struggling with perennial problem like corruption, and inflation in the city.

What AAP needs to learn

People want 'good services' not 'free services'. They are ready to cough up money to avail better service. It is being said that the moment 'free' comes into mind it encourages people to waste resources unnecessary as it is coming for no value of money. It is high time AAP needs to introspect and chalk out strategies on how it will meet up to the people's expectations.

Let's hope Arvind Kejriwal who earned him nick-name AK-49 last time, will not disappoint this time.
Dear Kejriwal, let's set a good example of running the government which will make your party's prospects better and will also encourage others to take cue from you.

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