What Vinod Rai, Sanjaya Baru and PC Parakh said about Manmohan Singh

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Book reveal the helpless Manmohan Singh
Revelations, allegations and secrets are being spilled out in the past one year, ever since the UPA government was on a shaky ground and who bears the brunt of all these revelations- former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Even as former CAG Vinod Rai's book is set to hit the bookshelves next week, many across the country are now questioning Manmohan Singh's silence and inaction towards the some of the worst scams that took place under the UPA government.

What Rai said about Manmohan Singh and the Congress

Rai in an interview to Times Now said that Manmohan Singh was well aware of the wrongdoings during the 2G case but chose to ignore those in spite of many requests from his Cabinet colleagues. "Manmohan Singh was aware of the controversial decisions being taken during the allocation of coal blocks and 2G spectrum that led to massive losses," he said.

Rai even alleged that some Congress leaders had pressurised him not to mention the name of Singh in the audit reports regarding the 2G case. He even said that the PM was more interested in remaining in power.

However this is not the first time that Manmohan Singh and the Congress are facing ire of former bureucrats. Earlier former PM Media advisor Sanjaya Baru and Coal Secretary PC Parakh too wrote about Singh on how he chose to ignore many issues that needed his opinion.

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What Sanjaya Baru wrote about Manmohan Singh

Baru's book, 'The Accidental Prime Minister; The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh' reveals how Singh had no power left during the UPA II government. Baru wrote how Congress President Sonia Gandhi took all decision and the power was with Janpath 10 during those times. He said that Sonia had weakened the PM 'who became an object of of such ridicule in his second term in office.'

Baru even said that certain decisions taken by Singh had to go through the Gandhi's to get a nod from them. 'I was dismayed by the PM's display of spinelessness," he said.

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What PC Parakh wrote about Manmoha Singh

Meanwhile, Parakh also in his book, Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and Other Truths revealed how Singh's authority had been undermined by Sonia Gandhi. Parakh also took on CBI and its director Ranjit Sinha.

Parakh said that the country could have done with a better PM, even though Manmohan Singh had a strong integrity. "BY continuing to head a government in which he had little political authorit, his image has been seriously dented by 2G scam and coalgate although he has had a spotless record," he said.

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