Forget Modi or Rahul, let's declare Amitabh Bachchan as PM candidate

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The Congress and the BJP have exhibited a remarkable dissimilarity at this point of time although the end result is ironically similar. The issue is about declaration of the prime ministerial candidate. In the Congress, the party is ready to throw its weight behind Rahul Gandhi and every big, small and medium-size leader is expressing their minds over picking Gandhi as their new leader. Even the prime minister did not dither to express his willingness to work under the Gandhi in a tweet posted from the account of the Prime Minister's Office! But the potential candidate himself is reluctant to take up the top job.

Two contrasting tales with same result

On the contrary, BJP's Narendra Modi has been aiming to emerge as a national leader for some time now after a successful stint as the Gujarat chief minister, but his party is yet to reach a consensus on the matter. Party president Rajnath Singh is being seen running from pillar to post to convince the Pitamah of the party, LK Advani to accept Modi as the PM candidate, but the latter has been stubborn and is caring little for his own honour. The two grand-old man of Indian politics, namely Manmohan Singh and LK Advani, have exhibited starkly contrasting behaviour patterns.

While Congress is backing a reluctant Rahul, the BJP is yet not clear on Modi

The end result is same for both parties and that is, none has succeeded in coming up with a solution to break the stalemate. The frustration is clearly reflected in the remarks made by the leaders of both parties and although they are aimed at the opposition, one suspects that they are actually disappointed with the tamasha that is going on in their respective parties.

The curious case of Ramu, Shamu and Damu

On Wednesday, Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said any Ramu, Shamu or Damu (the Indian equivalent of Tom, Dick and Harry?) could be named as the PM candidate, taking a dig at the BJP's plan to anoint Modi, reasserting what PM Singh said a few days ago, i.e., Rahul Gandhi is their leader. The fun is while any Ramu, Shamu and Damu can become the prime ministerial candidate in the BJP, in the Congress, the Ramus, Shamus, and Damus eternally back a Gandhi as a prime ministerial candidate. But either way, it's unproductive at the end.

Looks Amitabh Bachcan is the only viable alternative left to be India's PM

So what's the solution? As an Indian fed up with fruitless pursuits, I feel Amitabh Bachchan is the best man to be declared the PM candidate at this moment. He is a popular man, irrespective of the colour of the political flag and can shake a Pakistani army general or terrorist with his baritone.

He will also have a great opportunity to take a revenge against those who made a false propaganda about him patting Modi's back in a video film recently. Once made the PM candidate, Mr Bachchan can proudly say that he was speaking about himself as the 'Indian hero' in the video and not anybody else.

Awful man-management capacity of politicians

Given the nature of our politics, which goes round and round like an unstoppable Maradona dribbling around with the ball, it is tiring to see a major country in the world over-engaging itself in a not-so-difficult task of declaring a prime ministerial candidate. The awful man-management capacity of today's politicians is so distinct that one feels we may soon need more than one prime minister to run the country.

So given all these disadvantages, we need an angry old man like Mr Bachchan to lead our nation. The towering screen presence will be more than enough to keep ourselves immersed in an alternative happy reality. We have anyways decided on the mission to junk ourselves, first economically and then politically, before the world. Let the decisions on Modi or Rahul come as per the leaders' convenience, whether in 2013 or 2023. After all, we are a young nation and can wait.

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