For David Headley his testimony is one big joke

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David Headley who began testifying before a court in Mumbai in connection with the 26/11 case showed no remorse and at times it appeared that the proceedings were all one big joke to him. Let us begin with stating that Headley has nothing to lose.

He has already been sentenced to 35 years in jail at the United States of America and also been pardoned so that he turns approver before the Mumbai court.

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For Headley his testimony is a big joke

Headley too is aware that this testimony is nothing more than just an academic interest and of course will help India piece together yet another dossier to Pakistan so that they can reject it. For Headley his testimony appeared to be quite a casual affair and very often he was seen giggling, yawning and even clapping.

For Headley this testimony means nothing

Headley all through his 4 hour testimony yesterday stuck to the same points that he had already made before the FBI at the time of his arrest.

Revelations such as Hafiz Saeed being the head of the Lashkar-e-Taiba or the fact that they tried and attacked Mumbai twice in the past but failed are all present in detail in the various confessions that he has made in the past five years.

I hate India and hence decided to be part of the Lashkar-e-Taiba plan to attack Mumbai is something he has said in the past and he repeated it yesterday as well.

Headley during the testimony was seen clapping softly at one point in time. When he was faced with a question whether he felt remorse he was heard giggling. At one point during the proceedings he even let out a yawn.

There was at a time when he sounded arrogant while correcting the prosecutor in the case. When asked if he visited India 7 times, Headley shot back, " 8 times. Seven times before the attack and once after."

Towards the end of the proceedings when the prosecutor bid him good night, Headley smiled and pointing towards the time difference, he signed off by saying "good day to you."

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