Flashback: Why Narendra Modi still continues to be a hit with the masses

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Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes one year in office, mixed reactions have been pouring in from various sections about his one year performance [Flashback: 1 year since Narendra Modi swept India with a saffron brush]

The BJP is making grand plans to celebrate one year of the Modi government at Centre. The party is planning to hold around 250 rallies in India to mark the first anniversary of the party being in power.

Narendra Modi

We, however will look at some light, funny moments from the past one year where PM Narendra Modi not only touched many hearts but also proved that he is a PM for the masses.

Modi, who is known for doing things differently, on many occassions was seen breaking protocols that the prime ministers follow due to security reasons. Not once but many times Modi has sent security personnel around him into a tizzy.

Here are a few light moments from past one year of Modi being the PM:

Modi breaks security protocol during Obama's visit

Narendra Modi broke the security protocol earlier this year when US President Barack Obama visited India. Modi personally went to receieve Obama at the gate of his aircraft. This was termed as a positive gesture by Modi, who calls Obama a good friend.

Modi Obama

Modi breaks protocol during Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his first Independence Day celebration last year broke security protocol and met school students who had gathered at the venue. After the celebrations, Modi's cavalcade drove off but soon stopped near a group of students. Modi then got out, interacted with the students and left.

However, he repeated the same during the Republic Day celebrations this year. After seeing off Obama in his car, Modi too sat in his car but soon his car stopped and Modi was seen walking towards the audience enclosure.

The security officials were taken aback but after shaking hands with a few people Modi returned to his car.

Modi republic day

Narendra Modi greets people in Nepal

On his visit to Nepal last year, Narendra Modi interacted with the crowd who had gathered to catch a glimpse of Modi while he was on his way. Modi stepped out from his car, met his supporters and well wishers here and returned back to continue his journey.

Modi kathmandu

Narendra Modi interacts with supporters outside hotel in US

In September last year, Narendra Modi visited the United States where he was welcomed to a rockstar reception. Modi interacted with his supporters outside his hotel and even took pictures with a few supporters.

Modi washington visit

Narendra Modi meets supporters in China

On his recent visit to China, Narendra Modi was seen waving to his supporters in Beijing. Though the barricades held back the enthusiastic crowd, security officials around Modi were seen running around trying to control the crowd.

Modi beijing

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