Flashback 2015: PM Narendra Modi's famous one-liners

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a whirlwind of tours to foreign countries as well as across the country, all through this year, and grabbed media attention with his confident and bold statements.

The rockstar prime minister also made several bold statements during the election rallies in Bihar which grabbed media attention and even forced his political opponents to attack him.

PM Modi represented India at world level with his foreign visits to draw attention of the world towards India.

Here is a flashback of famous statements that Indian Prime Minister made in the year 2015:

PM in Canada

This was a historic visit, not because that an Indian Prime Minister is visiting here after 42 years but because after 42 years, the clouds of distance have gone away in a moment.

PM in Germany

Through our 'Act East' and 'Link West' policy, India has the potential of becoming the middle ground for East and West as a manufacturing hub.


I want to tell those people that the route of violence is not the right way and it will only add ruin in History books.


Earlier only capitals were connected but today social media enables us to connect with the people directly.

PM at UN

Since Independence, we have pursued the dream of eliminating poverty from India. We have chosen the path of removing poverty by empowering the poor. We have placed priority on education and skill development.

PM in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has lived through decades of tragic violence and conflict.

PM during Bihar Elections

Does India want Mantra-Tantra or Lok Tantra. Bihar can't be taken back to 18th century.

PM in UK

We harbor poverty for no reason. India is full of diversity. This diversity is our pride and it is our strength. Diversity is the speciality of India.

PM in Bangladesh

Pakistan aaye din (constantly) disturbs India, jo naako dum la deta hai (creates nuisance), terrorism ko badhawa (deta hai)...ki ghatnaayein ghatthi rehti hain (promotes terrorism and such incidents keep recurring).

PM during India-Africa Summit

India-Africa Summit: The heart beat of 1.25 billion Indians and 1.25 billion Africans are in rhythm. It is not just a meeting of India and Africa. Today, the dreams of one-third of humanity have come together under one roof.

PM at Paris Climate Summit

We are guided by our ancient belief that people and planet are inseparable; that human well being and Nature are indivisible. We hope advanced nations will assume ambitious targets and pursue them as they have the most room for impact.

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