Flashback 2014: Terror acts that shocked the whole world

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While the world continues to bleed from terrorist attacks, the year 2014 saw a rise in terrorism on the international front. From home grown militants, to the rise of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq to Al Qaeda threatening to launch in India terrorism was at a new high.

Here are some acts of terrorism that rocked the world this year and shocked everyone:


Rise of ISIS

Also known as the Islamic State (IS) , ISIS is a Sunni militant group that began an offensive in June 2014. ISIS militants captured large areas of Iraq and Syria and continue to do so. They have beheaded hundreds of Syrians, Lebanese soldiers, innocent children, two American journalists, one American and two British aid workers.

They are also known to be actively recruiting youth from the Indian sub-continent. ISIS militants are also known to have held Indian and Bangladeshi citizens, working in Iraq, as hostages.

They have captured many Yazidi women and have turned them into sex slaves. ISIS has been designated as a ‘terrorist outfit' by the United Nations and is also known for indulging in human trafficking.

Terrorism on the rise

Boko Haram militants

Boko Haram militants in Nigeria abducted close to 270 girls and women in April in Chibok this year sending shockwaves across the world. Many attempts to being back all the girls have gone in vain.

While some of the abducted girls were released, some managed to escape the clutches of the Boko Haram militants.

The militants abducted the schoolgirls in exchange of detained fighters.

Reports suggest that the girls have been used as sex slaves and some of them have been trained as suicide bombers. The militants have often posted videos on the internet threatening to convert the girls to Islam.

Boko Haram

Hundred lives lost in Peshawar attack

In one of the most deadliest and brutal attacks this year, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar on Dec 16 killing 150 people including 136 school children. Seven armed terrorists had barged into the school and had open fire on the staff and the students.

The Pakistani army managed to kill all the seven terrorists in an offensive.

Following the terror attack, the Pakistani government lifted a moratorium on death sentences and executed six convicted terrorists.

Peshawar attack

Sydney under attack

Sydney woke up to a rude shock on Dec 15 when a lone gunman stormed the Lindt chocolate café and held nine customers and eight employees as hostages.

During the siege, the gunman, who was later identified as Man Haron Monis, demanded that an ISIS flag be brought to him and that he would like to speak to PM Tony Abbott. Two Indians were also among the hostages.

The siege lasted for over 14-hours leaving two hostages dead and the lone gunman was shot by the cops. The remaining hostages had managed to escape from the cafe

Sydney attack

Attack on Canadian Parliament

The Canadian Parliament came under attack on Oct 22 this year when a gunman entered the parliament building. The moment when the gunman entered the Parliament, PM Stephen Harper was speaking but was immediately removed from the building premises.

The gunman was later shot by policemen who were guarding the parliament premises.

Canadian parliament
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