Five mistakes, reasons why Arvind Kejriwal lost the election from Varanasi

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Why Kejriwal lost to Narendra Modi
Bangalore, May 16: As the counting of the Lok Sabha election progressed through the day, a clear picture emerged within a few hours time, that NDA would form the next government. Amongst all this AAP leaders specially Arvind Kejriwal was no where to be seen.

However after a few hours when news broke that Narendra Modi had won in Varanasi, Arvind Kejriwal put a brave face and addresses the media accepting his defeat.

Here are five reasons why we think Kejriwal lost to Narendra Modi-

Mistake No 1: Contesting Lok Sabha elections with no political experience

When Aam Aadmi Party made its political debut in November 2012, there was a little excitement and a little hope. But as the Delhi Assembly elections approached the party and its campaign gathered steam.

The party connected with the aam aadmi instantly, who put their faith in the party and gave them the second higest majority in Delhi.

But what happened next was unexpected. Kejriwal quit the Delhi government and set his sights on the Lok Sabha election. Many including social activist Anna Hazare said that Kejriwal had become power hungry and wanted to contest on the national level.

For a party that is barely even a year old and has no experience in politics, this was a disaster in the making. Mayn felt that Kejriwal should've stuck to Delhi and then after winning the confidence of the people in Delhi, could have contested for the 2019 elections.

Mistake No 2- Quitting Delhi government after 49 days

One of the biggest mistake that Kejriwal committed was to quit the Delhi government after 49 days. While Kejriwal himself admitted to this as a huge mistake, this move proved to be a huge blow not just to him but for the party as well, that marred its national plans.

Not only did this affect its image in front of the public but this also created a rift within the party, forcing many leaders to quit.

Mistake No 3: Accepting unconditional support from Congress

While Kejriwal swore on his kids that he would never take outside support from Congress or the BJP to form the government in Delhi, his betrayal came to light when he actually accepted Congress' unconditional support to form a government in Delhi.

What followed next was allegations, mud-slinging and controversies.

Mistake No 4: Fighting from Varanasi against Modi

While this cannot be considered a huge mistake, it was definitely a bold move on Kejriwal's part. People and political analysts felt that the Kejriwal magic that swept Delhi, failed to work in Varanasi. While the Modi wave had already gripped the nation, Kejriwal was far behind all of this.

Somehow, he failed to connect with the people the same way he did in Delhi. The only highlight for Kejriwal in Varanasi was his declaration to fight against Modi.

People were sceptical to trust Kejriwal again after his Delhi disaster. How could they trust him with the entire country's responsibilities.

Mistake No 5: Dharnas galore

When somebody uttered the world Kejriwal, dharnas was the synonym for it. Amidst his brief stint as the Delhi CM, the inability to tackle issues came out in the form of dharnas. When Kejriwal and his supporters sat on a dharna in New Delhi after the Somnath Bharti Kirhi extension raid episode, demanding the suspension of the police officers involved, it showed the whole AAP government in poor light.

This questioned the party's administration skills and its ability to tackle issues. Many promises were made, many were broken, while some promises were kept some were ignored; all in all Kejriwal dumped Delhi and its people when they needed him the most.

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