Family in disbeilef as NIA arrests alleged ISIS man

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For the family of Farhan Shaikh the Maharashtra youth, who was arrested by the National Investigation Agency after being deported from Dubai, times could not have been harder. A weeping grandmother who raised him after he lost his mother and father abandoned him, the arrest of Farhan for his alleged ISIS link is shocking.

The grandmother, Mehrunisa is 55 years old and for her Farhan is not a terrorist. With great difficulty she raised him since he was one year old when his mother passed away. Shortly after his mother passed away his father abandoned him leaving him with his grandmother.

NIA arrests alleged ISIS man

Family in disbelief

Farhan is 21 years old and was working as a hardware engineer in Dubai. He was detained in Dubai following a tip off by the Indian Intelligence Bureau which stated that he was allegedly involved in ISIS related activity. After being held by the Dubai police, he was in detention as India was working out his extradition formalities.

During her conversation with the NIA, Mehrunisa kept insisting that Farhan is not a terrorist. She kept asking them what wrong had he done. The NIA however told her not to worry and he is fine.

Mehrunisa who has stopped eating ever since Farhan was arrested hopes that he will be released. She insists that there has been some misunderstanding and the same has to be cleared.

Arrest on solid grounds

The NIA on the other hand says that the arrest of Farhan is on a solid ground. We had information that he was conversing with several ISIS operatives and had even been planning attacks in India. The request to detain him was sent on a strong ground, an NIA officer informed.

Investigations are being carried out at the moment. It is a big module and there is a connection with arrests that we carried out the officer also noted. Each one of these persons had a big role to play in this module and we are probing that the official further pointed out.

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