Fall of ISIS in Syria will see increase in lone wolf attacks across the world

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The joint operations against the ISIS in Iraq and Syria has seen the outfit take a bad hit. While this is something to rejoice about, there is a lurking danger of such a scenario leading to more lone wolf attacks. The rise in lone wolf attacks is thanks to the propaganda material that the group has posted online.

The outfit has ensured that while its base continues to dwindle, its ideology in the minds of the several youth remained intact. It quotes the aggression by the US and the European nations to provoke the youth to carry out lone wolf attacks.

Fall of ISIS will lead to more attacks

Ideology intact

Since day one, experts and intelligence bureau officials have warned of a rapid spread in the ISIS ideology. The Caliphate being declared was a marketing tool by the ISIS which undoubtedly captured the imagination of several persons. The ISIS was ready for such a scenario.

The outfit was fully aware that it did not have the capability of defending itself against the might of so many nations which are jointly fighting it. In the past couple of months the outfit has been active on the social media with propaganda material being uploaded every minute.

In addition to this it has been ensuring that a lot of the foreign fighters who had left their countries returned to their home land to carry out attacks. This scenario was witnessed during both the Paris and Belgium attack. The returnees were the ones who executed these attacks.

The Orlando attack is an example of how a self radicalised youth can attack a mighty nation like the US without even seeking the support of the ISIS. He was clearly radicalised on the web and during the attack he pledged his allegiance to the ISIS.

Intelligence Bureau officials warn that in the days to come, one would witness more such incidents. India too faces a similar danger. There have been several calls to establish the Caliphate in India.

The states and the centre are in coordination with each other in a bid to thwart any such attempt by a lone wolf terrorist.

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