Video: Composer Bach lives among Elephants; Watch them dance

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Wisconsin, Nov 15: Elephants are the most intelligent mammals on Earth and this video proves this. In fact, it is not just intelligence that they prove, but their sense of immaculate rhythm and music.

Viral on the internet, this video was posted by a violinist in Wisconsin who discovered that these elephants loved her piece on Bach, so much so that they started wagging their trunks and dancing.

'I decided to go outside and play a bit for Kelly and Viola, 44 and 45 year-old elephants that have lived together for most of their lives,' said violinist Eleanor Bartsch on a youtube post. She further added,"'I found out that elephants REALLY like Bach...'

With a brain mass of just over 11 lb, their brains are the heaviest among all land animals. Scientists suggest that they have 257 billion neurons, as many as a human brain has.

Recently, there have been reports on an Elephant painting abstract pieces on canvas, which could be compared to the work of an abstract expressionist.

In fact, German evolutionary biologist Bernard Rensch studied an elephant's ability to distinguish music, and in 1957 published the results in Scientific American.

Rensch's test elephant could distinguish 12 tones in the music scale and could remember simple melodies. Even though played on varying instruments and at different pitches, timbres and meters, she recognized the tones a year and a half later. These results have been backed up by the Human-Elephant Learning Project which studies elephant intelligence. 

Miracles indeed, but do not be surprised if we said that Elephants have a knack for mimicry and problem-solving capabilities too!

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