Don't miss! What if these politicians would have been teachers?

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People often say, "If I won't become anything in life, I'll become a teacher." If you think teaching is the simplest and the easiest job then you are wrong because effective teaching is the hardest job.

All the while we have studied we thought, that our teachers were being paid to torture us, to give us homework and make our lives more difficult. But in reality, what we are today, is because of our teachers. They dedicate their lives to make us learn everything.

So let us see what if our political leaders, who are very good at attacking each other, would have been teachers:

Narendra Modi

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be a teacher, then definitely he will be a very stern teacher who will demand his students to be punctual. He would have been a teacher who would have ensured that performance of his students is best and would not have any students fail. As he had once said, "I am a taskmaster. I work a lot and also make people work."

Students would have loved to attend his classes for his interesting way of teaching.


Rajnath Singh

He will not be a very impressive teacher but yes may be he would better fit in the shoes of an HOD or a principal who would help teachers in bringing out the best from teachers.

Manmohan Singh

He would indeed be a teacher who would come to the class with his prepared lectures, come and read out the lessons to students and would silently go without uttering a word besides the lessons. Not really a good teacher as his teachings will not really have an impact on the students.

Arun Jaitley

He would be a really impressive teacher as he would teach the students all the lessons in a very impressive way, making them understand each and every small thing in a very detailed manner. He would definitely be a teacher who would ask his students 'any doubts' after he has finished his teaching.

Digvijay Singh

You must have definitely seen a teacher who would always shows, he knows everything. A teacher who would always have an upper hand on everything even if he has said something wrong.

If Digvijay Singh would have been a teacher, then he would have definitely been a teacher of the same kind.


Lalu Prasad Yadav

If he would be a teacher in a school, definitely he would be loved by all his students as he is one of those politicians who can very well connect with his people. His witty nature and unique style would always make his class full of students.

And specially, if there will be some some students hailing from 'Bihar,' they will be among his favourites and would definitely get more favour from him.


Mamata Banerjee

If Mamata didi would have been a teacher in a school, she would have definitely brought 'Poriborton' in the education system by calling those students who would not agree with what her as 'Maoists.'

Going by her reputation as a CM, she would have been an authoritative teacher.


Atal Bihari Vajpayee

He would have definitely been the best teacher and one can imagine a teacher who would be very calm, patient and one who would lend an ear to every students' problem and do every possible thing to solve it.

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