Delhi Shocker: Murder in broad daylight raises serious questions over social responsibility

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Murder in broad daylight raises serious questions over social responsibility.
The day Centre cleared a proposal to amend the Juvenile Justice Act, a case of brutal murder of a 21-year-old man in broad daylight, in a busy market in the capital caught on a CCTV camera came to fore. The police has arrested five suspects and three of them are minors.

The incident has created ripples in the national capital and has once again brought the spotlight on the rising numbers of juvenile offenders and has also raised many more questions on the society also. If such incidents are happening in broad daylight and that too in a busy market, it certainly needs some more attention from police as well the society.

The shocking incident

A young man named Sachin was passing through the market with a friend on a motorbike. The assailants drove up from the opposite direction and pushed him off the bike and stabbed him repeatedly.

On CCTV footage, one of the attackers was seen brandishing his knife to warn passersby against helping the victim. People watched in horror, but no one intervened as the man was killed.

After the attackers fled Sachin was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors said he was dead.

Those who are arrested school dropouts. One of them, a 15-year-old, allegedly told the police that the murdered man had extorted money from him.

Despite broad daylight, busy streets no one intervenes

This is not first such incident, in the past also many more incidents have occurred which raised questions over role of society. Despite busy streets how the perpetrators commit such crimes? Even if one sees that crime is being committed, one tries to shy away from it and the reason is the fear that they themselves might not become a victim. But, they forget that such incidents will affect them in one way or the other.

Is it time to recheck the social and moral fibre?

Whenever the crime graph rises we always raise questions on the policing, the law and order and many more things, but besides all these things one more thing is very much important. Behind all these reasons what we forget is, as a society, also have some responsibilities.

With few other fears, one tries to stay away from such incidents and we don't want to intervene and just save our skin but is this morally right?

In this case, the roads were busy, there were people who were passing by, but no one came to help and tried to stop the incident. They just witnessed a youth being stabbed like blind spectators. Why? Who is to be blamed for the death this youth? Police can only act well only if the public cooperate with them, simply shifting the onus for any sort of crime committed on the police is not going to sort the purpose.

If we are getting some privilege, then we should not forget that with privileges comes responsibility. We have a duty and responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society. We should not consider these as just smoke screens and ignore our own role which is very important. Let's ask this question to ourselves, are we doing enough to stop these crimes?

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