Delhi rape a 'small incident’: Why Arun Jaitley’s remark underlines narrow mindset of our politicos

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Arun jaitley
It seems that Modi Government is losing its initial charm now and recent spates of incidents vouch for that. Hardly a day passes when party coteries doesn't stocks up new controversy.

While new dispensation continues to face flak for not pulling up hard the ‘fringe groups' for their ‘Hindutva' remark, this new controversy by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will definitely exacerbate the BJP's problem in coming days.

Weird comparison of tourism with rape case

Jaitley, who is considered Chanakya of Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in controversy when he said that December 16 gang rape case was a small incident which took toll on tourism sector.

While speaking at conference of State tourism Ministers, Defence Minister said, "One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars in terms of global tourism.

It (tourism) is one of the underachieved sectors in India. A country of India's size, which ordinarily should have everything going for it in terms of tourism, should have been crowded with the tourist arrivals".

Though, his intention might not be wrong but what about his choice of word ‘one small rape' which belittles the brutality of the crime.

This also shows how our politicians' mindset still has not changed as far as women safety and security is concerned.

Sheila Dikshit Government faced wrath 

These representatives of people cries wolf for women's empowerment but the fact is they still believe in patriarchal society, where girl child is least cared.

Nonetheless, Minister later apologised for the statement saying it was construed in a wrong manner. But question is how an erudite man like Jaitly can give such abhorring statement. And it is quite obvious that controversial proclamation is not a tongue slipping case at all.

The Minister must have idea how Sheila Dikshit Government was shown exit door after apprising that her Government failed to provide safety and security to women in Delhi.

The particular rape case was one of the reasons why Congress party faced humiliating defeat both in assembly and Lok Sabha election in Delhi. Dikshit had to swallow her pride after she was defeated by novice player Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi election.

Opposition gets fodder without worrying about their own records

Meanwhile, opposition got fodder to take on the Government. And that is the biggest irony that the moment politicians find that leader from Opposition camp has given such sort of statement they open a cudgel against him.

They forget about their own sin in terms of obnoxious statements, which tear apart the women's dignity so many times.

While asking for apology, Congress leader Shobha Oza termed the remark "an idiotic and horrendous". I am sure after some time, Samajwadi and Bahujan Samajwadi party will also join this ‘slamming bandwagon', least caring about what their own leader did in past.

Here are the shocking statements of politicians across the parties.

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar (July, 2014): "If a woman is raped, she has to deal with inquiries only from one inspector, but if someone wants to start an industry, they have to deal with 16 inspectors."

Akhilesh Yadav's uncle Ram Gopal Yadav (June, 2014) "In many places, when the relationship between girls and boys come out in open, it is termed as rape. In many places, girls and boys are ready (to marry) but honour killings take place. The most saddening and serious thing is that such incidents are not stopping. These incidents happen in other places also but are not highlighted."

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav (May, 2014): Fumed when asked about increasing rape cases in State he shot back at scribes,"Aapko toh khatra nahin hua?

SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav (April, 2014): "Boys will be boys, why hang rapists?"

SP leader Abu Azmi(April, 2014) "Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty."

Mamata Banerjee (September, 2012): Rs 30,000 would be given if the victims were minors and Rs 20,000 for adults. The next of kin will receive R2 lakh if the victim dies during the assault, Rs 50,000 in the case of "80% disability" and Rs 20,000 for "40-80% disability".

Mamta Banerjee (October 15, 2012): "Earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It's like an open market with open options."

Mulayam Singh Yadav (January, 2012): "While the Government will give some monetary assistance to all such victims, the educated ones would be also offered jobs in the Government."

Sick Mindset

There are so many more examples like this that reflect nothing but sickness of mind.

It is really shameful that in a country where women have made their mark in every walk of life, they can still be found crying for their dignity and respect.

When our politicians speak in such a manner, what will people learn from them? They are our leaders after all, and they are supposed to lead us.

But with a bent of mind like this, where will they lead us? No law can put an end to rape unless our own attitudes change.

Onus lies on Modi government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had underlined this fact while speaking on the occasion of the Independence Day.

Modi said, "Parents ask a number of questions when a daughter goes out, but do they ever have the courage to ask their son about his friends or where is he going or why. After all a rapist is also someone's son, isn't he?"

This time onus is on his Government. And people are hoping that he should practice it first before preaching to all.

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