AAP sweeps Delhi: BJP's 'own goal' helped Kejriwal's party get historic mandate

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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal scripted history in Delhi Assembly polls as leads are pointing towards a landslide victory for AAP with the party leading in 62 seats in the 70-member Delhi Assembly as of now.

Delhi: AAP defeated BJP in its own game
It's a miraculous win for a party like AAP, which is still in its adolescent age, against BJP which was looking undefeated until recently. After being labeled as 'Bhagora' and 'anarchist' from rival BJP and Congress, AAP came back strongly to get a historic mandate in the national capital.
The party which was once looking no where in the race till November 2014, in front of an upbeat BJP, has overcame its fears and forced everyone to wonder.

Ever since the poll bugle was sounded in the national capital AAP outclassed BJP at every front. AAP under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal matured with every passing day and pricked the right nerve of the voters.

Right from campaigning to strategising to fielding candidates Arvind Kejriwal was better planned and stood up to the occasion.

Consistently apologised for leaving Delhi

AAP's plan to apologise to the people of Delhi for quitting last year helped the party gain public sympathy. AAP left no media untouched to seek apology from the people of Delhi. Radio, posters, social media, Kejriwal was seen everywhere saying sorry to the people of Delhi for quitting. While the BJP failed to capitalise on the gains it once enjoyed in the national capital.

Better campaign strategy

AAP's campaign strategy throughout this poll season was better than the rest of the parties. The party understood the people's nerve pretty early and strategised accordingly. The volunteers went door to door and strengthened the party's hold.

Way before any other party jumped into poll mode, AAP started demanding the BJP to declare its CM candidate. It even compared senior BJP leaders in the Delhi unit which forced the people to build the opinion that Kejriwal is a better CM candidate while BJP did nothing in this regard.

Comparing the prices of vegetables, power and water tariffs, in its posters helped AAP to gain an edge over rivals BJP. Also, the BJP's state unit instead of countering the allegations and comparisons kept relying over PM Narendra Modi's name to win in Delhi.

Talking only about development and corruption

Talking about development and corruption is one front on which AAP scored the most in the national capital. The party succeeded in putting an impression that it is a party which will bring corruption to an end. AAP consistently talked about developing Delhi and improving the lifestyle of the backward sections in the national capital. It also talked about the basic needs of the people living in Delhi and that helped the party cement its position amongst voters of lower strata.

While the development plank on which people of Delhi voted for the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls took a back seat by the saffron party. Instead of discussing about Delhi's development, several BJP leaders were seen only making insensitive statements while others tried to save party's face by distancing from these remarks. The party lost its crucial time in defending itself and AAP took the game from BJP. Thus AAP succeeded in convincing the voters that it is the only party in Delhi that will ensure development.

Refraining from personal comments

The BJP did an own goal when it began targetting Arvind Kejriwal by making personal comments against him through the cartoon war. The cartoons that BJP published in the news papers helped Kejriwal as well as AAP to portray itself as the victim. Making personal comments against Kejriwal reflected BJP's desperation to win Delhi battle. This perhaps did a negative publicity against the BJP and gave an unnecessary advantage to AAP.

After being labeled as 'Bhagora' and 'anarchist' from rival BJP and Congress, AAP came back strongly to get a historic mandate in the national capital. He succeeded in making people understand that the fight has become personal.

Gauged the mood of voters

AAP outclassed the BJP with its micro management tactics. The party from early days reached out to the voters living in every nook and corner of Delhi. While BJP cadre hardly reached out to the masses even during days of campaigning.

Thrived on BJP's over confidence

The BJP from the very start of the poll battle was looking over confident and failed to analyse its weaknesses. Parachute landing of Kiran Bedi and announcement of her name as party's CM candidate showed the party leadership's over confidence on Modi wave. While AAP understood the fine line difference between confidence and overconfidence.

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