Delhi elections: Which party will emerge victorious amid controversies

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Delhi polls caught up in controversies
Just fews days ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections, slated to be held on December 4, a mire of controversies have erupted against the political parties contesting these elections and has got people thinking about the political leaders that they will be choosing from. These controversies have turned the pre-election fight into an ugly slugfest between parties blaming each other, some even making personal attacks.

Just when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) seemed at the top of its game, a series of controversies against the party including the recent sting operation has sent the party workers into a tizzy.

The sting operation conduted by Media Sarkar, alleges that many leaders of the AAP accepted money without any proper checks from donors to the AAP. The leaders were seen on tape, agreeing to help people, however only on one condition, that they were provided with proper legal documents and papers and in turn asked for cash donations in the name of the AAP. This has raised many questions on the functioning of the AAP.

Controversies may affect the image of the parties

However this is not the first time that the AAP has been caught in a controversy. A few weeks back, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde had said that the MHA would probe into the AAP funds since the Ministry had received many complaints against the party. The minister said that AAP, according to complaints, was receiving funds from foreigners, which was not accounted for.

Dissent within political parties too became the talk of the town in the run up for the Delhi elections. When the Delhi BJP was all set to name its CM candidate, there were voices of dissent from within the party. Some named Vijay Goel as the CM, whereas some wanted Dr Harshvardhan to be the CM candidate. This then gave a very shaky image of the party outside, with many saying that the BJP with such in-fighting maybe bad for Delhi.

But the controversies did not stop here. Congress recently raked up a 17-year old rape allegation against Delhi BJP CM candidate Harshvardhan. According to the reports, Harshvardhan was embroiled in a controversy in July 1996, when it was alleged that a maid was raped in his official residence.

The Congress party brought up this issue, when Harshavrdhan said that the Delhi government had failed to check the incidents of rape in the capital. Congress alleged that when Harshvardhan could not protect one woman, how could he protect the women in Delhi.

Sheila Dikshit too wasn't spared from the on-going controversies. She too was dragged into the skewered water bill issue that has many Delhites up in arms. A probe into the Delhi Jal Board by the CBI on the alleged framing of the tender conditions has made Dikshit a nervous lot (Dikshit heads the Delhi Jal Board). If the CBI finds anything against Dikshit, it could spell a lot of trouble for her and may finally end her stint as the Delhi chief minister. 

Some even blamed her for the rising onion prices in the capital. In spite of many efforts, the common man continued to bear the brunt of the rising onion prices under her governance.

One however cannot neglect the timing of these controversies. While political parties continue to cry foul and allege that it is a conspiracy by the opposition, these controversies definitely makes the common man think twice. After all it the the aam aadmi that suffers in the end.

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