Delhi assembly election gains momentum: Will Arvind Kejriwal's AAP sustain BJP's midas touch?

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Arvind kejriwal
After smelling the possible announcement of Delhi Assembly election dates in next few weeks, the Aam Aadmi Party is gearing themselves up. Reportedly, the party has started a campaign named Kejriwal Firse (Kejriwal Again) to project AAP chief as the real well wisher of Delhi people. The AAP leaders are making strategy to regain power in Delhi, though it looks tough at the moment as Modi-led BJP is in top gear now.

Party resigned in only 49 days in last stint

The saffron party which have high morale after thumping victory in two States Assembly election, Maharashtra and Haryana is toying with the idea of conducting Assembly election in the capital. The party want to thrive on the momentum gained after historical victory in two States.

AAP's new starategy to regain power in Delhi

On asking about the planning of the party, a senior leader as quoted by Indian Express said, "We have told our workers to be in campaign mode, and spread the word on the work done by the Arvind Kejriwal government".

Report says that the party is making two-pronged strategies. The AAP workers will inform people about the good work of the former Chief Minister of the capital Arvind Kejriwal during his short stint.

And that includes decision of cutting power rates and the audit sanctioned on power companies before party resigned as Delhi Government on February 14 after ruling for 49 days.

Second point the party workers will highlight is good works of the 27 MLAs of the party till this date.

"There has been an emphasis on transparency, projects using MLA development funds and other government schemes. We want to remind people the things that have been accomplished by us in this period even though we are not in power", AAP leader Manish Sisodia said.

Party wobbled by controversies

At present, the Delhi Assembly is in suspended State which was elected in December last year. AAP was the second largest party after BJP in 2013 assembly election. Kejriwal's party had formed government with Congress's support but didn't last long. It didn't complete even two months in government and resigned in mid February.

Since then controversies hit party hard and it completely lost its charm among followers. A number of big stalwarts also resigned from the party which further exacerbate its cup of woes. In lok Sabha election the party performed worst, could manage only 4 seats in Punjab. Imagine AAP couldn't get even a single seats in Delhi and all six went into BJP's kitty in general election.

Tall claimed made during last stint

Problem with AAP is that it has become synonymous to controversies. Moreover, its allegation mostly falls flat as they don't substantiate them with ample proof. For instance, recently they alleged BJP men are offering Rs 20 crore each to many MLAs and thus trying to form Delhi Government by dishonest and highly unethical ways. But didn't take any legal action like filing a case or that sort of action.

Mere skirting controversies not at all helps. When they were at helm in Delhi, tall claims were made about free electricity and water availability but none of them were completed. Rather than announcing long lists of promises, party could have conclusively completed only one of the issues.

But amid all this deterrents there is a good news for the party in disarray. The poll survey says that Arvind Kejriwal is still the most favored Chief Minister of the Delhi. But party have lost its charm completely since its debut.

For AAP, it will be really difficult to come to power in Delhi as Modi's magic is at its top. BJP have this midas touch at the moment and no party can sustain itself in front of them. Let's see how the rookie party will fare in coming Delhi assembly election.

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