Delhi Assembly: 17 agendas and 1 man, Aam Aadmi was heard with awe

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Arvind Kejriwal
New Delhi, Jan 02: What started as a mere assembly meeting took an electrifying turn when AAP's leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stood up for the litmus speech.

A new year greeting as a beginning for a political litmus test was unconventional and rather out of the way. On second thoughts, it seemed to be a rather vague beginning in an Indian political scenario that runs on desk-thumping and illogical arguments.

But, as Kejriwal's speech progressed, hopes for a new beginning progressed too, especially when there was a pin-drop silence in the Assembly, which is an unlikely scenario on a common day.

The microphone boomed to a cinematic effect when Arvind Kejriwal questioned: 'We do not want the chair, we have come to show that government can be run this way too. 65 years is too long a test for patience against dishonesty and run-of-the-mill politics. Its time that thngs changed."

"The Centre has now been forced to th‌ink why common man had to take up the sword in his own hands, why we had to land up in politics when the country is already being 'governed'. That is because we demand a corruption-free government, a government that runs for its people and not for power or politics," he said.

Moving ahead, he repeated all his 17 agendas that won him majority votes in the Assembly elections, and that eventually turned out to be the reason for his victory in the Assembly too, winning him 38 votes.

His Agendas

  • VIP culture should be done away with: No place for VIP culture like security and red beacons.
  • Jan Lokpal Bill: The bill should be strengthened and strict action against the criminals and corrupt leaders should be taken. Government offices should be warned against taking bribes and all resources should be provided to the government departments so that they function properly and honestly. However, if there is any dishonesty, strictaction should be taken.
  • Government's money should be used for common man and each and every demand should be entertained. No work is big or small.
  • Audit on power companies-He referred to the recent development in the Power sector. He also said that the meters across the state should be audited for the proper functioning of power distribution.
  • Water problems-Cut in water bills and the water distribution, along with online arrangement to make the people aware of the distribution process.
  • Basic amenities for unauthorised colonies like Jhuggis and bastis
  • Doing away with thekedars and middlemen who claim a portion of poor man's income
  • Honest business and trade: Businessmen should be gven ample scope to do their work honestly.
  • Farmer subsidies and upliftment
  • Donation-free education
  • Proper and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, irrespective of government or private agencies
  • Safety of women with the formation of 'mahila suraksha dal'. This will also include speedy justice within a span of 5-6 months
  • Improving law and order by fast-tracking pending cases in courts

3 questions

At the end of his speech, Kejriwal threw the ball in the Assembly's court, indirectly seeking votes for the party. He asked:

1. Who among the Assembly members is there with Aam Aadmi's revolution
2. Who is there to support non-corrupt politics
3. Who will support our 17 agendas

And followed this was a thumping victory.

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