Defence Ministry works to free its Encroached Land

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Comman man at times face the problem of encroachment of land and they are left with no other option at times but to approach court to free their property. Well all those who are facing the issue of encroachment of land can take some heart from the fact that it is not just the common man who has to face such situations; even defence forces have to.

The extent of defence land under encroachment for which the management of land lies with Defence Estates Organisation was about 4,714 acres as on 31st of December 2015. Out of this, about 2,288 acres of land was under the unauthorised occupation of ex-agricultural lessees whose leases have already expired and about 799 acres was under the unauthorised occupation of State or Central Government authorities. Thus, only about 1,627 acres of defence land under the management of Defence Estates Organisation is under encroachment by private persons.

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Detection, prevention and removal of encroachments are the ongoing processes. While old encroachments are being removed gradually, due efforts are being made not to allow new encroachments and to take prompt action against such cases.

Following steps have been taken in this connection by the defence authorities to ensure that defence land is not encroached and already encroached land is freed at an earliest.

Defence land records management system has been strengthened by computerisation of defence land records.

Court cases are being pursued to evict encroachers.

Close liaison is being maintained with revenue and civil police authorities to detect and prevent attempts to encroach upon the defence land by encroachers.

State authorities are approached for removal of encroachers.

Defence land located in isolated locations is fenced and regular patrolling is being carried out to safeguard the land from encroachers.

Regular verification reports and certificates are being issued by the Defence Estates Officers and Local Military Authorities as is required under the existing rules and policy instructions.

Eviction notices are issued from time to time as per rules and existing policy of Government of India.

Many defence land scams have been uncovered in the past and it has been found that defence land officials are involved with the private developers. It would turn out to be beneficial if strict action is taken against such officials and developers.

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