Deepika Padukone's viral video has nothing new to offer

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Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' has created quite a flutter online. The short film, directed by Homi Adajania (of Finding Fanny fame) has quite boldly put forth the idea of women empowerment across people.

The video features 99 women from different walks of life including many Bollywood celebs. It has become viral on social media. Padukone in the video has spoken out for all those women who want to take every little decision regarding their life to be made by them [Bold Video: My choice - to have sex before marriage or outside marriage, says Deepika Padukone]

Deepika Padukone's viral video has nothing new to offer

Video creates a flutter but offers nothing new

The video has very strongly put forth the message of 'woman empowerment' using various camera angles, highlighting different features of a woman and even the black and white lights. Padukone's voice in the background, her tone, and even her images are quite striking and for a moment take your breath away.

But then on thinking twice you realise the video offers nothing new! It is the same old things that women have been asking for.

Right to make a decision, my choice matters, right to wear what you want, go where you want; these are some of the issues that women have been screaming on top of their voices for ages.

How is this video any different? It has been directed well and hits you hard when you first watch it but ends in a bit of disappointment.

Deepika's video offers nothing new

Deepika Padukone, a fierce choice for the campaign

No doubt picking up Deepika Padukone for the campaign was a good choice. The actress, who is known for taking a stand on objectification of women and even opening up about depression has touched our hearts.

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She represents today's woman who is fearless, stands up for herself, is hardworking but also knows how to have fun at the same.

There are many of us who can relate to what she says in the video. Well, we have been saying that for years now!

Hypocrisy at its best?

As a working woman it makes the author think about the magazine that is behind the whole campaign. The magazine behind the campaign has always had pretty actresses on its cover for so long.

The images of these actresses have always been photoshopped and airbrushed and the magazine has carried these images on its cover instilling in us that beauty is not skin deep.

So maybe the magazine can first do away with such images and portray the real image.

For women, empowerment goes beyond having sex outside marriage or wearing the clothes of our choice. The biggest boost for a woman would be being treated with respect and being treated like an equal.

Male version of the video makes a point too!

Three days after 'My choice' was released, a parody of the video titled 'My Choice- Male Version' has been uploaded by YouTube user TheAnkurPoddar, giving out the same message.

This video too resonates with the same idea but from a man's point of view and ends with a strong message: "We don't support cheating or adultery."

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