Devyani Khobragade Updates: Devyani thanks India for support

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New Delhi, Dec 19: The US may have decided to act out its false pride, but India is not going to take it, confirmed External Affairs minister Salman Khurshid. Similar sentiments were echoed in the Parliament when Sitaram Yechury and Arun Jaitley condemned the US of devising a deeper conspiracy against India.

Here are some latest updates on the case of diplomat Devyani Khobragade's arrest case:

9.30 pm: US Under Secretary calls Indian Foreign Secretary

US Under Secretary called the Indian Foreign Secretary today over Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade's issue. US Under Secretary discussed specific steps to find a solution over the issue.

8.30 pm: Devyani thanks India for support

Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade today spoke to Times Now and thanked the nation for supporting her. :I thank you all for your overwhelming support but I cannot make any comments at this stage. My government and my lawyer will speak for me," she said.

5.11: MEA says only one victim in the case that is Devyani

MEA spokesperson said that action taken against Khobragade was not according to law. "Devyani Khobragade is the only victim in the case, a serving diplomat on mission in the US," he said. MEA also said that 'what right a foreign government has to evacuate Indian citizens when cases are pending against them.'

4.26 pm: Protestors arrested in Kolkata

TV reports show that protestors, who were protesting in front of the American Centre in Kolkata were arrested by police officials today. In spite of barricades being placed, protestors continued to march ahead forcing policemen to arrest them.

4.20 pm: 'US must withdraw charges' says Devyani's father

Devyani Khobragade's father said that the US must apologise and must withdraw all charges against her. He went on to add that the FIR against her was fabricated so that they could arrest her. "The entire case is a planned conspiracy," he said.

3.20 pm: Devyani's maid frustrated with the shift of focus in the case

The lawyer for the domestic help who was employed by diplomat Devyani Khobragade on Thursday said that his client was frustrated and disappointed to see that the focus of the case had shifted from the crimes committed against her to Khobragade's treatment by the US officials.

"There is frustration and disappointment that the media (and the officials) has portrayed this story in the way that they have," Dana Sussman, staff attorney in the anti-trafficking programme at victim assistance agency Safe Horizon, told PTI.

Sussman said the actual case is about Khobragade lying to the federal government about the salaries she was supposed to pay to her client. "My client worked for her for quite a while and eventually she decided that she could not tolerate the situation any longer," she said.

3.10 pm: Devyani's third instance of maids accusing diplomats

Preet Bharara's statement on Devyani's arrest)

8:00 am: No signs of apology

The White House broke its silence when its spokesperson said that they regret the arrest of the senior Indian diplomat, but threw the rule book at India, saying that the procedures being followed were part of the protocol.

The tone of the spokesperson spoke of arrogance, and was not ensuring, when he said that "India should abide by the Vienna Convention for Diplomats."

2:15 am: A call from the States

India's National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon received a call from the US Secretary of State John Kerry, expressing his regret on the diplomat arrest issue.

While government sources state the call as positive, India does not wish to keep any stones unturned in this case anymore. They have transferred Ms Khobragade to the permanent mission to United Nations in New York where she can apply for complete immunity.

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