Day 1 of the new CMs: Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala see new light

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India is still reeling under the outcome of the assembly elections that ended on May 19. The least expected winner was Jayalalithaa, especially when the exit polls had predicted that DMK would rule the roost this time and Amma may get a huge setback. However, the tables turned and Amma won the highest seat, despite a staggering start on the counting day. Her freebies did wonders yet again.

On the contrary, Mamata met tehe exit poll expectations and emerged as the reigning power in West Bengal. Irrespective of Narada and Sharada, votes poured in from the suburbs and the rural areas who claim immense contribution by the leader in bringing the farmlands to the fore.

Sarbananda Sonowal

BJP usurping Assam was the most shocking of all outcomes, disbalancing Congress completely in the Indian politics. However, this was an eye opener for the party as they were deanchored from their throne by the people of the state. Might is not always right and that democracy is all about people was what was reminded by the Ahomiya.

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Kerala too dethroned the Congress, electing LDF leader Pinarayi Vijayan, much to the disappointment of the Congress that sees its foot in a quick sand that will soon erase the reminiscenses of the party.

However, what is more important now is to see how the new Cms fared on their first day at office, barring Mamata Banerjee who is yet to take one on May 27.

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Assam's Sonowal: After assuming office, the first thing that Sarbananda Sonowal did was abolish all check gates which had become hubs of syndicates and illegal activities during the previous regime. A meeting was held and it was announced that the number of vehicles in the CM's convoy will be reduced.


Kerala's Pinarayi Vijayan: Vijayan has a humongous task of restoring peace and sense of safety among the people of his state, especially after the Jisha rape and murder case. While Oommen Chandy was unable to bring justice to the case, CPM's Achutananad promised to bring justice to the woman once the LDF government came to power. Following the win, the new CM announced the formation of a new investigation team to nab Jish's murder

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Tamil Nadu's Amma: J Jayalalithaa took oath for the sixth time and on th every first day, she instructed the shutting down of 500 government-run liquor shops and has instructed the others to be open only between 12 pm and 10 pm.

News awaits from Mamata's side as the state prepares for the curtain raiser tomorrow.

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