Dawood Ibrahim: See how spy games are played

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In the past one month, the ISI in Pakistan has played several mind games on the issue of Dawood Ibrahim. With renewed efforts from India to track down the don, the ISI which considers Dawood as a strategic asset has done everything possible to confuse the Indian spy agencies.

Every movement of his is being tracked closely by the Indian intelligence agencies and it has been found he has been moved around the country (Pakistan) eight times in the past month. There is every attempt that Pakistan is making to ensure that the Indian intelligence agencies are confused about the location of Dawood, sources tell OneIndia.

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Dawood's travel diary:

Karachi continues to be the main hideout of Dawood Ibrahim, the ISI realizes that this location has become well known to all. The Intelligence Agencies in India started tracking Dawood afresh last month with a new team. In the past month he has been moved around several times, Intelligence officials have learnt.

He was at Karachi when the operation began. He was then moved to another facility in Lahore which is also a high security fortress guarded by Pakistan's spy agency. For a brief while he was moved to Muree Road and then back to Karachi.

Following this he was moved to the Afghan border for a couple of days and then to Lahore. This trip between the Afghan border and Lahore was made at least thrice, officials tracking him have also learnt. In all in the past month he has been moved around at least 8 times.

Creating confusion:

Indian officials say that the best bet for Dawood Ibrahim would either be Karachi and Lahore. It is extremely difficult to penetrate into these facilities as they are highly secure and directly under the control of the Pakistan security agencies. Several persons who have seen this location say it resembles a fort and there are security guards forming four tier rings at any given time.

The ISI is well aware that the surveillance on the don is extremely high. The Interpol which has been sounded off yet again is keeping close tabs on him. Moving him around with utmost caution has become a game for the ISI. Each time a different location of the don is picked up by Intelligence agencies. This makes it difficult to carry out a covert operation as the man is not stationary.

Afghan border not safe:

The ISI does realize that it is not safe to keep Dawood on the Afghan-Pak border. There is a flurry of militant activity in this region and it is considered to be extremely unsafe for not just Dawood but anyone. However, moving him in and out of the region will cause a great deal of confusion for any intelligence agency.

There were rumours last year too that he had been moved to the Afghanistan border. However, this again was done for a very brief period of time considering how unsafe the region is.

The communication tracking too is at a bare minimal today. It appears as though he has been advised not to use the phone and communicate too much. The deals would be struck by his aides with his advise. This again puts a dampener on the tracking operations. Further, his travel too has been extremely restricted.

A tough task ahead:

This is a classic spy game which is on between the two countries. Each one is trying to get the better of the other. The ISI has set of dirty tricks up its sleeve which it will continue to use in order to safeguard the don.

The IB says that Pakistan will do everything in its capacity to safeguard the don. He is extremely important to them and holds the key to the drug market and the arms trade on which Pakistan's proxies rely on the most.

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