Dangerous trend: How celebs become an easy prey on social media

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In an era of smartphones, high-speed internet and advanced technology, social media is no doubt a boon to remain connected with the outside world, but at the same time, its misuse has become a matter of serious concern.

These days, people of almost all age groups are equipped with modern gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops and keep themselves engrossed in the virtual world, irrespective of what's happening right next to them.

social media

If used in a right direction, popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are an abundant source of information, but the credentials of that information must be verified, especially by the media houses, before blindly transmitting that piece of information.

At a time when photos and videos don't take much time to go viral, with retweets and shares, it becomes a bit complicated to ascertain whether the post is genuine or not, when they get enormous number of retweets and shares.

For instance, on April 26, a fake post related to Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi's youngest daughter's (who was reportedly ill few days back) death went viral on social media, confusing many to believe or not.

Thankfully, Afridi's little daughter is doing fine and God give her long blissful years of healthy and happy life.

Amidst such kind of serious violation of spreading false information, the culprits who are behind spreading such nonsense must be brought to books. And this can be effectively done by bringing stringent laws to tackle cyber crime and social media related violations.

With an easy access and exposure to social media, many jobless people find enough time on how to spread false information and mislead people.

Such people may have the habit of drawing morbid pleasure, as they don't even get publicity, because in most of the cases, their identity never come in public.

Earlier also, there have been cases, where popular celebrities have fallen prey to the cons of social media.

Popular actor Kader Khan has also become a victim of death hoax on social media several times.

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