Cry for Gajendra Singh: Ashutosh's solo performance didn't give farmer's daughter much chance

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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spokesperson Ashutosh broke down on a news channel show regretting the death of Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Dausa in Rajasthan who committed suicide at the party's kisan rally in Jantar Mantar on Wednesday. [Not the first time that Ashutosh broke down on television]

The incident shocked the entire nation and a massive blame game started between all political parties over who was responsible for Gajendra Singh's death. [#AshuCries: When AAP leader Ashutosh was mocked for shedding 'crocodile tear' on farmer's death]

Ashutosh's solo cry performance

But Ashutosh's histrionics perhaps eclipsed the entire tragedy. It was his party which had violated all norms and ignored police warnings to go ahead with holding the rally in Jantar Mantar, which is not fit to hold more than 5,000 people. [Kejriwal should also apologise for playing petty politics]

The ruling party of Delhi accused the police, other parties and the media of using the episode to their favour before its chief Arvind Kejriwal issued a damage-controlling apology. But Ashutosh, who has broken down on television before also, perhaps crossed all limits by crying profusely on the television. [Why Kejriwal's apology, Ashutosh's tears just damage-control exercises]

That the AAP leaders have mastered the skill of stealing limelight was evident from the fact that Ashutosh kept on crying as other panelists present on the show were forgotten and the focus remained on him.

Even the young daughter of the deceased farmer, Medha Singh, was heard requesting to allow her some time to speak. But Ashutosh kept on making all sorts of bizarre noise while shedding his tears for the dead farmer. One was stunned to compare the grace and calm of Gajendra Singh's daughter with the AAP leader.

The farmer's family members also said that had Ashutosh taken two minutes out of the rally on the fateful day, he could have saved Gajendra Singh.

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