Crime graph rising in Assam: Is it becoming new hub for crime against women?

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Nearly 55,000 cases of crime against women were reported in past 3.5 years
If we go by the figures, then as far as crime against women is concerned, soon Delhi will be replaced with Assam. India's capital has always been infamous registering high number of cases of crime against women, but the latest facts and figures have shifted the spotlight on Assam.

Informing the Assam Assembly, Environment and Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain said that in the past three and a half years, nearly 55,000 incidents of crime against women and a total of 1,22,544 types of crimes, including incidents against women, kidnapping and murder were reported in the State.

Other facts and figures:

  • Number of registered cases: In 2011, 28,023 cases were registered while in 2012 and 2013 it rose to 31,215 and 37,823 cases respectively. Till July 2014, 25,483 cases have been registered.
  • Theft: 35,565 cases of theft were registered between 2011 and 2014 July across the state.
  • Kidnappings: The number stood at 3,785 in 2011 and increased to 3,812 in 2012 and 4,831 in 2013. Till July 2014, the state has already recorded 3,261 abductions.
  • Rape: 1,707 rape cases were registered in 2011, 1,716 in 2012 and 1,960 cases in 2013. Till July this year, Assam recorded 1,202 cases of rape.
  • Murder and extortion: 6,585, 4948 and 3,960 cases were registered respectively between 2011 and 2014.
  • Dacoity, blasts, and witch hunting respectively saw 983, 96, and 58 incidents in the state during 2011 and 2014.
  • Those killed in Assam: The figure rose from 1,321 in 2011, to 1,368 in 2012 and 1,383 in 2013, while 876 people have been killed till July this year.
  • Bomb Blast: The year 2012 saw 30 instances of bomb blasts and in 2013, the state recorded 29 bomb blasts while 11 bomb blasts cases were registered till July this year.

With the figures of crime surging, it is becoming a big challenge for the Tarun Gogoi Government and it should be taken care of by the State and Centre before it becomes gargantuan.

Gogoi is already facing criticism for not keeping the Congress faction on the track and with these rising figures, it will further add to the existing woes of the Chief Minister.

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