Corporate terrorists: Keeping employees happy

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Terror groups often function like corporate houses. An application form of the Al-Qaeda found on the Abottabad compound where Osama Bin Laden was staying is one such instance of how terror groups are behaving like corporates.

The Indian Mujahideen too had rewarded its operatives after executing a successful 13/7 attacks in Mumbai. Now it is the ISIS which is offering a honeymoon package for its operatives. [Al-Qaeda job application form found in Osama Bin Laden files]


When the IM rewarded its members:

The 13/7 attack at Mumbai was a horrific one. In fact it was one of the most successful attacks carried out by the Indian Mujahideen as they had managed to penetrate into the epi-centre of the city. The attackers Yasin Bhatkal and Assadullah Akthar had in fact congratulated each other for the attack.

The duo however thought that it would be best that they catch a break. They conveyed the same to their boss, Riyaz Bhatkal who also felt that the boys deserved a break and needed to take a holiday.

Yasin and Akthar were sent on a paid vacation to Munnar in Kerala. They stayed over for a week at a home stay. The all expense paid holiday gave these members a break and they were back in business after that. One must recollect that the same team carried out a horrific blast at Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad in which nearly 40 persons died.

A marriage bonus:

Abu Bilal al-Homsi a fighter with the ISIS in Syria was in for a surprise when he was handed out 1500 dollars to go on a honeymoon with his Tunisian bride. Homsi was a dedicated fighter for the ISIS and after he married he never got to spend time with his wife.

He spent most of his time chatting online with his wife. A reward awaited him as the ISIS was extremely impressed with his commitment. He was given 1500 dollars and asked to go on a honeymoon with his wife.

As impressive and cute as these stories may sound, there is a danger ahead. 1500 dollars is a small amount for the billion dollar worth ISIS. This are all PR tactics on their part to convey to the world that they look after their men and have an extremely, "democratic" set up. Life with the ISIS is dominated by blood shed and in reality there is none to help the fighters.

The ISIS periodically picks one person and offers him goodies and makes sure that the world knows about it. A good PR exercise indeed.

The job form:

The job form found on the compound where Osama Bin Laden was residing is yet another example of how corporate terror groups have become. Right from income to blood group and the nature of the job find a mention in this job application form of the Al-Qaeda. [Qaeda recruits were asked bizarre questions: Osama documents]

It is evident that terror groups are making a desperate push to bring in more recruits. The age old style of recruitments where head hunters would scout for recruits in riot hit areas is out of the window. Online application forms with recruiters looking for prospective terrorists online has become the order of the day today.

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