Corporate espionage: Rs 10,000 crore pumped in?

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The money that changed hands and was used to buy secret documents of the government could well be over Rs 10,000 crore. Money to the tune of Rs 10000 crore was allegedly pumped in to procure important documents from various ministries.

During the questioning of Santanu Saikia, the former journalist who ran a consultancy firm and a portal he is said to have told the police that the scam runs into nearly Rs 10000 crore.

Oil min leaks: Rs 10000 crore pumped in?

Police verifying money trail

The police are also verifying the money trail into the scam. There was a huge amount of money involved and lot of money has been pumped in since the past several years.

It has been found during the probe that documents had been sold between Rs 5, 10 lakh and Rs 2 crore depending on the importance of the files. Budget notes and pricing related documents fetched the most investigations have also revealed.

However during the investigation it was found that most of the documents went out of the petroleum ministry. Documents on government strategy in the court cases, policy formulation, crude oil purchase details and payment of fuel subsidy files were the most sought after.

More raids

The Delhi police will conduct more raids in the next few days. This would help ascertain the exact number of years ‎this scam has been on for. Several important files which are with corporate houses and middlemen need to be seized the police say.

The modus operandi where the transfer of money is concerned is also under investigation. The accused so far have been cooperative are are providing vital details the police say.

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