A look at Congress's vote-shares in all states and a comparison with BJP

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The Congress's seats have plummeted sharply since the 2014 Lok Sabha election. In the last 2,226 seats that went to polls, including the 543 in the Lok Sabha, the grand-old party of India has won a paltry 261.

However, in terms of vote-shares, the Congress's situation might not be as bad. In the recently held Assembly elections, the party's vote-share in states like West Bengal and Assam have actually increased, compared to the previous elections---state or parliamentary. [Congress, BJP-ruled states]

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Here, we take a look at the Conrgess's vote-shares in all states and Lok Sabha (as per 2014 election), and their comparison with the BJP's figures:

StatesCongress seatsTotal seatsCong vote-shares (%)BJP seats & vote-shares
Jammu & Kashmir128718.225 (23.2)
Punjab4611740.112 (7.2)
Haryana159020.747 (33.3)
Delhi00709.73 (32.3)
Rajasthan2120033.7163 (46)
Madhya Pradesh5823037.1165 (45.7)
Chhattisgarh399041.649 (42.3)
Gujarat6118238.9115 (47.9)
Goa094030.821 (34.7)
Himachal Pradesh366842.826 (38.5)
Uttarakhand327033.831 (33.1)
Uttar Pradesh2840311.647 (15)
Bihar272436.853 (25)
West Bengal4429412.33 (10.2)
Jharkhand068110.637 (31.8)
Maharashtra4228818.1122 (28.1)
Karnataka12222436.640 (19.9)
Kerala2214023.71 (10.5)
Telangana2111925.25 (7.1)
Andhra Pradesh001752.84 (2.2)
Tamil Nadu082346.400 (2.8)
Puducherry153030.600 (2.4)
Odisha161472610 (18.2)
Assam261263160 (29.5)
Sikkim00321.400 (0.7)
Meghalaya296034.800 (1.3)
Mizoram344044.900 (0.4)
Manipur426042.400 (2.1)
Nagaland08602501 (1.8)
Tripura106036.500 (1.5)
Arunachal Pradesh42605011 (31.3)
Parliament4454319.5282 (31.3)

* We have not included results of the bypoll in this table. The figures of the corresponding states and Parliament are as per the latest elections held.

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