Congress to target Modi in Haryana polls: Has the ruling party totally lost it?

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Why Congress making Haryana election Modi specific?
Buoyed by reverses suffered by BJP in recent bypolls, Congress is expected to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi the target of its attack in the run up to next month's assembly polls in Haryana.

AICC General Secretary Shakeel Ahmed, who is incharge of party affairs in the state, told reporters that Modi's 100 day "misrule" will be a prime issue for the party during the campaigning.

He said that with BJP not projecting a Chief Ministerial candidate and contesting the elections under Modi's leadership, the Prime Minister is bound to be the focus of Congress' campaign.

Why Congress making Haryana election Modi specific?

It seems the Congress in Haryana has forgotten that it is fighting for Assembly polls and not general elections. In assembly polls a ruling party generally highlights what all it has done for the people of the state in all those years. In the poll campaigns, every ruling party reaches out to the common man to tell what all its government has achieved the field of infrastructure, agriculture, employment and various others.

Also, the state governments are expected to talk what it has planned for the state if it comes back to power. Based upon these data, a voter decides to go with the incumbent government or choose an alternative which he/she feels is more promising.

But, in Congress's case, where it is already in power in Haryana, the party, instead of bridging the gap between Bhupinder Singh Hooda Government and people, will become critical about the new dispensation's performance in the last four months. Modi's 100 day "misrule" will be a prime issue for the party, this poll season.

One wonders why a ruling party is fearing from highlighting what it has done for the state in the past five years.

This leaves an impression that the Government is trying to run away from reality and accepted that it has not done anything substantial in the state.

Party becoming jittery about its own government?

Congress relying on Centre politics to remain in power in Haryana hints that the party has, off late, realised that it cannot depend on state politics to tackle the strong anti-incumbency wave in the state. Hence, only possible way to continue remaining in power is by targetting the Narendra Modi government in New Delhi.

It raises one pertinent question that what has forced the party to become jittery about its own government?

The Hooda government may have remained in power for the past ten years in Haryana but seems that the party has not found any highs in the regime which was mired into corruption, controversy and infighting.

Has Haryana Congress nothing to offer in its poll manifesto?

Ahmed, in his statement, made no mention of the election manifesto that it will present in the coming days. Looks like the party has already conceded that the voters in Haryana are not going to buy their promises and hence it has come up with a new strategy of targetting the BJP, which has suffered a humiliating defeat in the recently concluded by-polls.

The party has already finalised a list of 40 star campaigners, who will tour the state during electioneering. Surprisingly, these star campaigners will not seek votes for their candidates on their merits but woo voters by slamming the Central government which came to power barely four months ago. They will not seek votes in the name of development work that Hooda government has done and the previous UPA regime's achievements for that matter. But, they will be going all guns blazing at the NDA government sitting at the Centre.

Also, the Congress will raise the issue of BJP's continued silence over the issue of Chief Ministerial candidate, which has not yet been announced. That could also be a reason for the Congress preparing to target Modi and not any local BJP leader.

Congress's performance was not very good in the by polls

The Congress may be basking upon the success it had achieved in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka by polls but the party once again suffered a humiliating defeat in western UP which is adjacent to Haryana and has a fair enough number of Jats, Hooda's traditional vote base in Haryana.

Also, general elections and Assembly polls are two entirely different ball games. The performance of a state government is the basis on which people vote in assembly elections. Hence, one is skeptical that Congress's latest strategy will come of any use to it's sinking ship in the state. 

This will give the opponents BJP and INLD a chance to target the Hooda Government and reap the benefits.

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